10 Power Breakthrough Questions You Can Use on Yourself and with Your Clients for Faster, More Effective Coaching Results

For EFTers & ENERGY COACHES, and Anyone committed to Inner Growth

Yesterday I wrote you about the 10 Power Breakthrough Questions that I use both on myself and with my clients.

If you’re an EFT/energy practitioner, you’ll want to know these questions, because after the thrill of being able to really help people simmers down a bit and you’ve sat there on the phone or in your office all day listening to long, sad tales and doing a lot of tapping, you’re going to want to speed things up a bit.

Yes – even while you get your people moving faster, you still can give them the full value of your excellent attention, knowledge, expertise, listening skills and compassion.

Fast does not always mean less quality!

I want you to discover how you can give your ear and your heart to your clients…as well as getting them on the road to recovery, renewal and re-inspiration…in half the time – or less.

It’ll help you save lots of precious time and energy, and will help you make you more money so you ca do more of what you love to do. Who wouldn’t want that?

I’m also going to let you in on one of the biggest mistakes I see coaches and energy practitioners making and how you can resolve it easily. http://bit.ly/10-BTQs

Once you stop making this one big mistake, your coaching or use of your energy or self-help tools will improve dramatically.

Because you’ll:

  • stop unintentionally disabling your clients
  • help them get back to their authentic selves faster
  • give your clients a highly increased sense of self-love they couldn’t have had before
  • help them take Right Action now instead of hanging out in stuck-land

When you use this on yourself on any issue, you’ll be amazed at how empowered you quickly feel, as compared to how you felt when you started.

Use this link if you want to get the audios: http://bit.ly/10-BTQs

You’ll also get a checksheet you can keep close at hand to help remember these simple, powerful, provocative, results-getting questions.

Yup. It really is $97. This is advanced information you need to know now, and I don’t just give it away!

These questions are part of my secret toolbox. I use the same Qs to get the dynamic results I’m used to getting. I want you to have them, too – they will super-charge your coaching forever.

So if you are as dedicated to helping as many people as you can in your coaching, what are you waiting for? http://bit.ly/10-BTQs

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