What Story Do You Repeat About Yourself Day In and Day Out?

and-then-smallIf I asked you to tell me a story, what would you say?

Most people I ask say, “I’m not a storyteller!”

But you know what? You are. You’re the narrator of your very own, inner drama. The Show Special of a Lifetime. The Act of all Ages.

And I bet that you have at least one of those droning boring undermining voices that tells you a daily story of, “I can’t”.

Aren’t you bored with that? Really, really tired of it?

What if you could change that “I can’t” story to, “I can and I am!”?

You can. First you have to pay attention to your story to find out where you want to make changes.

See, every little nuance of your personal story is important, because it affects every other part of your story. Imagine changing one small part of it, so you can change all of it! It’s true, it works.

“I DON’T HAVE ____ ”

Here’s a story I hear again and again:
“I don’t have any money.”

Look in your wallet. Look down in the folds of your couch. In your penny jar. In your pockets. On your dresser. I bet you have small change there. I bet you have at least a dollar’s worth of change in your purse!

So when you say, “I don’t have any money,” guess what? It’s not true, is it?

“But Angela, what can I do with small change?”

It’s the small changes that make the big ones. You don’t always have to make a quantum leap – especially if you’re stuck in the mud and can’t even walk, much less leap!

Nano-steps. That’s what you need right now. Later, when you’re free of the mire of your constricting thoughts, you can leap. But you need to get out of the mud first. Here’s how:


One that is the TRUTH, so your weenie-mind won’t bombard you with, “yeah right!’


You look at the money you have – even if it’s only a penny! – and say this:
“I have money, and I can have more. Now.”

Again, even if you only have one penny, you HAVE money. So you ARE telling the truth!

By saying “I can have more,” you’re giving yourself permission to have more. Simple.

“Well, that’s all fine and good, Angela, but what if it isn’t enough for the things I need to pay for or buy?”

Good point. Instead of saying, “I don’t have enough money,” you look at what you want to have, instead, and you ask your highest Self, goddess, the universe, whatever you hold dear:

“What’s one small thing I can do right now so I can (pay my bills, go to college, go on vacation, _____ )?”


No. Not yet. Remember? Get out of the mire first, then later you can leap.

Keep your steps little right now.

Why? Simple: your weenie-mind can take in your nano-steps much more easily. It won’t fight you every step of the way with “I’m scared, what if….” ad infinitum. You know the story!

It will think, “Oh, that’s so small and silly, let her do that without a bother.” Here are the steps – try it!

1. Sit. Be quiet.

2. Take a breath in and out.

3. Think of your mind being just like an open window.

4. Ask Spirit this: “What is one small thing I can do right now to further me on my track to ____ ?”


6. Grab the FIRST thing you hear!

Not the second one that has all kinds of complicated aspects and doubts. That’s your weenie-mind stepping in to keep you distracted.

What was the first thing you thought of? I bet it was so small and so insignificant that you brushed right over and dismissed it! Go back and get it.

(Small things can be: take a nap (really!), make a phone call to a friend or biz contact, file a paper from today, check your mail…. See what I mean? SMALL! If it isn’t small, go back and find and retrieve the first thing you heard.)

7. Do that step. And do it NOW.

8. What that’s done, start over and ask again.

Keep your focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want or what is ‘wrong’.

Keep asking “what can I do right now?”

Because pretty soon, nano-step by nano-step, your inner story changes.

It’s painless, and even easy and fun, if you allow it. Because you took your story line from “I don’t have” to “What can I do now?” and “I’m doing it!”

No more heavy drama.
No more sweating your life.
No quantum leaps from a standstill required.
Tiny steps become confident dance steps.
Dance with your own stars!


If your mind just won’t quit, and you have all kinds of scenarios about ‘what might’ happen running around in your head, this is for you in particular.

You’ve probably been told ‘you think too much’ or ‘you worry too much.’ That’s great! Now you know you have an inner story teller who won’t quit! And YOU get to choose the path it walks and the story it tells!

If your mind takes you on rides down the spiral to misery, change it. Choose the ‘what can I do right now’ story path.

Because if you don’t, you are wasting your story telling talent. You’re going to look back on your life and say, “I wish I’d ____ . ” That really sucks.

Start using your inner storty-teller – that natural amazing narrator within you – to start telling your story the way YOU want it.

Nano-step by nano-step.

Use that fabulous, quick, detailed, funny, smart, sensitive mind of yours FOR yourself, and quit beating yourself up with it!

I hope that helps.

Remember I love you!!!

aloha –


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  1. You really packed a lot of wisdom into this little short article. Its excellent. I could definately see this topic in a little Kindle book if you haven’t already done so. This could help a lot of folks. It has already helped me. Its just so practical! I love pragmatic, practical advice and that is exactly what this is.