I’m taking a 4-week class on how to paint waves. My first painting was a complete dud – as were #s 2, 3, and 4. And 5. Ugh. Today’s was, too. Well, it was a wee bit better, but did I feel like packing the paints in and running away to some secret place where paint didn’t exist? Ohhh yeah.

So after the class was over, I decided I give it a try in pastels. What a relief! It turned out way better! Whew!

I believe that art is a divine channel for love. I think surfing is, too. My #2 hubbie was a surfer. When I met him, I had not one clue what that meant – hours on the ocean, real, physical connection to the water and the critters in it, physical strength and prowess – it was so beautiful to watch him weave in and out of waves. It seemed like such a sweet connection to the divine.

We split long ago, but my sons are both surfers, and I think of them all as I did this – the first try was acrylics, and this one is a pastel.

Original pastels on paper, 9″ x 12″
Available – contact me if you’d like it or a print.

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