I miss my sweet doggie so much.

Doggie Hugs

It’s been more than 20 years since I last saw her, but I think of her every day. She was the sweetest Being I ever met.

She was English sheepdog size and appearance, except she had the sweet button nose face and curly tail of a Husky.

She would raise her head and rest it on my leg until I got up from my chair, then she’d push me towards the door. We’d go outside, where she’d literally run circles around me as fast as she could.

After maybe four or five circles, she’d suddenly stop, and turning to make sure I was looking at her, race to hide under a bush.

Then I was supposed to call out to her – where arrrrre youuu?’ – pretending she’d disappeared.

She’d wait a few seconds before bursting out with a big grin on her face, HERE I AM! and run more circles.

How could anyone not love a character like that? I adored her.


© Angela Treat Lyon 2021

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