Why Did I Block and Report You?

Grinding My Teeth at the Nerve of Some People

Every once in a while, some douchebag who thinks I’m as naive as new snow makes a smarmy comment on one of my articles, and joins my newsletter.

Problem: they have no profile pic, the comment is a gross mix of fake admiration for my post, and then comes a disgusting request to be more than friends.


Like I’m going to let THAT sneak under my radar. This old broad has seen too many rodeos for that to go un-noticed and un-blocked!

From having been on social media since it appeared, my it’s-a-fake sense is not only the size of Mt. Whitney, its sensitivity would make a seismograph seem like a kindergarten toy made with legos.

You just ain’t gonna fool me.

First thing: block.
Next: report.

If you want to try to fool us, get yourself a believable profile pic.
Make up a name I can believe (Jimmy John doesn’t get it).
Make a decent, sensible, supportive comment.
And for heaven’s sake, leave off the disgusting let’s-be-friends BS.

Of course, now you look respectable.

How about you give it the old college try and BE respectable?

Or is that too much work for your lazy-ass ripping-people-off-is-more-fun-than-being-honest mindset?

I detest deception, on any level. Don’t you dare try it again on me.


Why Did I Block and Report You?
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Image: Grinding My Teeth
© Angela Treat Lyon 2021


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