More Money! More Gumption!

sm-inspirationI have a question for you. Where do we get off thinking everything ought to be hunky-dory easy as pie? What happened to “challenges develop character?” What happened to what my folks used to call gumption?

“Aw,” my father would say to me, “you’ve just run out of gumption!” He was saying that I had no initiative or courage, that I didn’t have the gumption to try. [The word is supposedly Scottish, of unknown origin].

Well, he may have been right. In our world, we’ve come to expect things to be easy. We have indoor toilets and bathing, running water – running HOT water, electricity, paved roads, automobiles, schools, warm clothes, easy communication…all things absolutely no one took for granted anywhere in the world not even a hundred years ago.

Nonetheless. There’s still room for gumption.

It’s an inner adventure now, and it’s time to rev up your gumption and stand firm – even within the chaos of the world – and commit to even more strongly living your deepest dreams, becoming successful in the way YOU want to be successful – using your natural skills gifts and talents.

Soooo…what’s in the way? “Oh I can’t do that!…No matter what I do it isn’t good enough…What would people think?…People would laugh at me…My husband would never let me do that…I don’t have the money!…I’m scared of ( _ _ fill in ___ )…etc.

Aren’t you tired of all the same old stories? Haven’t we resisted our destinies, futures, successes, our potentials, our Dreams enough????

I’m amping up the challenge to you. I’m scaling up my deepest dreams, my own depth of dreaming, and I’m doing it. You can, too. It’s not that difficult, especially when you have support.

I’ve found that it’s really a matter of a combination of being OK with me, knowing I’m providing value, working with a great coach, and planning my time better. You can do that!

So I put together two hefty tapping groups for you gumptious people who want to tap on, clear and transform your fears and resistance to success and transform the energy into creativity. We meet three times a month, and inexpensively, at that.

I also created a forum where you can discuss tapping from A to Z and connect and help each other open to more money and success, and meet and make new connections and buddy-tap. And build up your gumption.

It’s no fun living a life of fear or numbness. I can tell you that from long experience of having done it. The fear and the dread is unbelievabl e. But when you have a tool to clear it, there really is no excuse. Especially when you can use the same energy for building a new life, the dream your heart has yearned for since you were born.

Once you really get it that you have the key to your future at your fingertips and how to use that key on a steady, consistent basis, your life will utterly shift. Then what? It’s up to you to decide!

I invite you to join me when we start on the 20th and 21st (Saturday and Sunday at 4pm NY time). Here’s where to go to rev up your gumption:

I look forward to meeting with you and seeing you turn what used to be problems into launching pads for major massive exciting fun and success.

aloha –

p.s. And if you live here on Oahu, you can even come to my live tapping group on Wednesday nights – we’ll be working on MORE MONEY! Here’s where to grab your seat:

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