Some days I feel just like this. Like there’s not a single thing I can get right, and if I do do something right, it isn’t enough, or good enough.

Who the hell sets up those rules??? We are so conditioned! So programmed to think we are less-than, not good enough, not productive enough, not doing enough, not worthy of praise, mock-able, shameful, undesirable…

Well. I reject all of those assumptions. I lived my life ruled by them for way too many years, and suffered too many years of deepest depression, before I finally broke free. (How? Using EFT-tapping and concrete determination.)

Poor Gus looks exactly how I felt on the inside, every day, day after day.

Now? Now I choose what to do, how to do it, to whom to show it – or not – and whether or not it’s good, bad, or just meh.

Be free. Get out of the I’m-not-good-enough BS. Do whatever it takes.

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