Are You An Energy Practitioner Who Works with Kids?

One of my favorite things is seeing EFT and energy practitioners get into the school system to help kids, teachers and faculty.

Yes, you can have all kinds of doubts whether ‘the system’ will be open to EFT or energy practices, but the fact is that the Old Guard is dying off, and exciting new information and understanding is finally being supported in school systems.

So if you work with kids, teachers and/or parents, there’s real hope!

Shakti M., one of my Round Table Prosperity Group members, is having great success with her teachers – she was ASKED by the school to come help them! Whodathunkit?

So if you want to see energy practices get into the school system, don’t give up in despair – there really are people who want to learn about it and help you get into the mix.

Get unstuck and let go of your old nasty beliefs that act like a glass wall in front of you. Come to Monday’s Getting Unstuck call, get yourself out of the no-one-wants-what-I-do funk, quit it with the it’s-too-woowoo, no-one-will-pay-for-that drill, and not knowing how to share what you do.

It’s important work you do – I want you to start flying!

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