There have been times in my life when my entire system went on dizzy-mode. I’d have to stop whatever I was doing, or pull off the road, or stop a conversation I was in, in order to simply not fall down. After a few of them happened, I began to just close my eyes and enjoy it.

After a few times like this, I began to notice shifts in my reality. Things would be slightly out of place; or on a larger scale, I’d not be in my car anymore, or not talking to the person I’d been with; or things would show up unexpectedly.

At first it was scary – what the heck..??? But then I remembered that each time nothing bad had happened, just that things were different.

So I decided to just enjoy the floating sensation, and as I did, say to myself, “something amazing is about to happen…”

Later, I changed it to, “…something amazing is happening…” and I’d picture in my mind something I’d been desiring. As the dizziness continued, I’d say to myself, “I wonder how it will happen this time!”

Today I felt the dizzy mode again – and it lasted for almost a full 30 seconds – a longer time than usual.

I wonder what amazing thing is coming to me!

ALL IS LIGHT is part of a series I did that resulted from meditations about my family. This is my dad. He was a big man, and probably scary looking to many who didn’t know him, but he was one of the kindest people I’ve known. His integrity was monumental. In meditation, his life energy crackled so loudly that it woke me from my trance state. He loved boats and sailing, so of course the ocean had to be part of the drawing, right? I miss him.

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