Why Do I Charge for My Teleseminars, Audios and Transcripts?

People have said to me, “It’s free for you to give the call, isn’t it? You just show up on the free conference line, right?”

Not hardly! Hah – don’t I wish that was all these is to it! Let’s get real about this.

If you hold teleclasses, you know what goes on behind the scenes. You have to:

  •   take time to find and develop relevant points on a topic that serves your audience
  •   take time to prepare the teleseminar
  •   write copy for your site and email to your list to make sure they know about the call
  •   have your systems in place – some of which are as high as $350 a month – like, conference lines, webinar lines, auto-responders, shopping cart, broadcast email system, list maintenance, product purchase button link creator…
  •   the proper equipment – editing software, mics, etc. –
  •   time (and someone – and $ to pay them) to edit
  •   time to create the final cut
  •   someone to transcribe the audio
  •   time/someone to create the edited pdf from the transcription
  •   a website to post the final audio, transcript and bonuses, if any…

And probably more I can’t think of right off the top of my head. Do it for free? If I did it all for free, I wouldn’t be able to stay in business long enough to do more than a couple of teleclasses. In truth, I really should be charging way more.

But I’m doing my best to make these available to as many people as inexpensively as I can, because I want to help you create your Dream life and unstoppably successful business.

Thanks for asking!


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