Grab your power and dance and sing and cry and laugh and have a loud, colorful, delicious full-on life – why the hell not?

You Are My Dream

My friend commented on my post about how what I had thought would be a romantic first-time love tryst turned into a complete horrible abusive farce.

She said, “…you sure don’t do anything by halves!…”

I’ve thought about that a lot today. And I realized that I hated that idea! Because I can’t think of one good, solid reason why we should live our lives any less than full-on!

Who set up the rules that say you can’t express fully – yell and scream and cry and burst your guts with raucous witchy laughter?

And look! See what happens? Just as I type that, I see I’m falling into programming – just calling it ‘witchy’ is an example of how deep the programming goes! Who said a women laughing loudly – especially if she is expressing her horror and disappointment, like I did – had a single thing to do with witches?

And who made up the idea of witches being anything bad?

Men who were afraid of women healers and manifesters? Oh, poor, poor things. Not.

Men are the victims of this programming as well as women! How many men are brought up to be stupid ignorant bullies and to think of themselves as superior!?! And are shocked and dismayed when they find out they are very much not.

They lose out on being able to have delightful relationships with people who are very much as superior as they think themselves to be! EVERYone loses out.

I write these stories not to horrify you, but to demonstrate that even in the toughest circumstances, we can find and keep in touch with our true selves, our deep power, our knowledge that something ain’t right. That we do have the ability to DO something, SAY something, about it – in the very moment!

We don’t need to shut up and ‘take it’ ever again!

If you’re not familiar with living from your core self, it can take a whole lot of searching within yourself to start unlocking the power you have in your True Self – that eternal, uncorrupt, infinite source of love, wisdom, power and strength.

At first it’s hard to even look at for fear of reprisal from some controlling person, group or institution.

But if you want to be and feel free, you have to do it.

And you have to practice, so you can know when to claim your space safely, when to wait to express, and when to protect yourself.

I invite you to read that story again, and watch how I stayed with the emotions rolling through my body and mind. Use it as an example.

You may not want to be as loud (!!) as I was, but you will want to have that same sense of being OK with who you are.

It becomes impossible after a while to not live through that space.

Grab your power and dance and sing and cry and laugh and have a loud, colorful, delicious full-on life – why the hell not?

And keep on keeping on!


Thanks for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it, and that it inspires you to make awesome choices and live more deliberately and funly than you ever dreamed you could!


© Angela Treat Lyon 2023

Image: You Are My Dream
Original was watercolor on paper. Prints only.
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