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A huge thank you to the many wonderful responses you sent about my tapping story about crunching my hand in a trap – (which is totally healed, by the way). I really appreciate it so much when you write!

slammed-hand-700w-HEALEDI must admit, I was really surprised by the number of people who sent me their own tapping stories. From ending tooth-aches to decreasing the pain from scorpion bites to wood-working accidents that healed fast – even dog, cat and horse tapping!

I’ve been using EFT for 15 years, both on myself and on my business and personal-improvement clients.

And although there have been a few, out of all the hundreds of sessions I’ve done, that either were complete flubs or didn’t work, the vast majority of them have been either good resolutions, really amazing or exciting, or real earth-shakers for the people who were tapping with me.

It just never gets old, seeing people shift and suddenly get all lit up with the new possibilities.

So I sincerely thank you for making it even more worthwhile by your participation. I’d love to hear more of your tapping stories!


Lately as I’ve been tapping with people, there’s been a whole LOT of upset about the political shenanigans going on in the US. So we tapped and created peace and they went off feeling better.

But I kept feeling there was something I was missing.

As I was thinking about that, a friend called me and wanted to argue about what was going on. And I suddenly realized what was missing – so obvious!

I don’t know about you, but I grew up thinking of the US as the embodiment of unity and inclusion.

But here we are, being bombarded every day with really intense messages that we are separate, that some people are “better” then others, and some people are “dangerous” and “might hurt” us, some have “better” religions, and so on.

That’s not my idea of the USA!  

So I asked my friend, “why are we arguing when we basically want the same things? Let’s see how we can work together as ambassadors for love and unity in the country and in the world, and make the things we want happen in reality.”

That one question shifted the tone of our argument into excited conversation. To me, that was worth gold! Who likes to argue? Not I!

We started listing all the things almost anyone can easily do to help bring more unification of purpose, love, freedom and unity: sign petitions, call reps to support them making decisions, march, send ‘resist’ postcards, show up at town hall meetings, make supportive posts on FB and other social media, find good-things articles and share them where we can – even run for office.

In short, if we want to stop disastrous laws and bills from being enacted
•   that totally destroy wild animals and our environment,
•   that stop support for seniors and other at-risk communities, and
•   that pull the rug out from under threatened segments of the population….

Then we need to get off our duffs and start demanding transparency and support for the issues we care about.

We need to demand that the chaos and destruction be replaced with creative solutions that work for the real growth of our country and the world.

Remember the word ‘politic’ comes from
the Greek word, politikos, meaning ‘citizen.’

And although it sure seems like it, it’s not essentially about
a bunch of liars and evil men destroying our country.

It’s about you and me.

You and I have the power, if we move in tandem with other like-minded individuals, to change how things are.

Each of us is an ambassador – and we can choose what kind of ambassador to be. We can stand:
1. for peace and unity,
2. for “I don’t care,” or
3. for chaos and destruction.
Which do you choose?

What small thing – or huge! – are you going to do to support the way you want your world today and tomorrow?

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