Sometimes I get caught by the Shoulds. As you probably know, besides being an avid sculptor and painter, I’ve also been a Peak Performance coach for many years.

When covid hit, I put everything on the back burner and hibernated for 2 months.

Then this little Voice in my mind popped up, saying, “You should do (all these things people would love and want).”

So of course I start trying to go about doing this and doing that, and scattered my attention all over the place.

It felt awful. And exhausted me almost immediately, so I just fell back into hibernation mode.

Lately I have been really keeping a close eye on what >I< want to do, what >I< want to put my attention on, what >I< love in my life.

It’s made a big difference – I feel respect for myself for who I am and what I do, and I do DO what I want and love to do, rather than worrying about what people will do or say about what I do.

Don’t get me wrong – the time when I really really worried about that is long gone! But there were a few clingy hangers-on that needed to be clipped.

So here’s Wolfy, down at the river, laughing with Funny Fish on the left, who is sticking his little red tongue out, trying to slobber on Wolfy’s toes.

And all the Night-Birdies caroling away under the Moon and waiting for the sun to rise. All of them just having bald-ass fun, the way Life is Supposed to Be.

Original pastels on paper, 12″ x 9″
PM me if it says to you that it wants to come live in your house.



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