Rachael Jayne Groover: Is Your Voice Sabotaging You?

Maybe you didn’t know this, but many women are often not taken seriously because of the volume and tone of their voices.

Around 37% of someone’s decision whether to like you and trust you immediately comes from the tone of your voice – not the words!

Inspirational speaker and singer, Rachael Jayne Groover says, “Any woman who wants to make a difference doing what she loves must have a solid awareness of what the tone of her voice is really saying to others.”

Rachael Jayne has dedicated most of her life to understanding the power of a woman’s voice and how to express that so she can be seen and heard in a clear, powerful, AND feminine way.

In the 2nd video in her complimentary video course Rachael Jayne teaches a profound set of practices that will increase your personal presence and vocal power, so you can walk into any room and attract the attention you want.

Just practice one of the exercises she shares in this video and it will make a huge difference to how you are being perceived.

She also helps you to determine your current level of personal presence and magnetism, and how to increase that so you can have a more positive impact on others.

Watch #2 video NOW!

And of course, this video course is complimentary, and not only helps women increase their vocal power and presence, but helps them use the 6 fundamental skills of Feminine Leadership.  It’s an amazing series of videos. Check it out!

You might also want to check out my interview with her on The Daring Dreamers showcase at IDareYouRadio.com: HERE.


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