Naomi Tickle: International Face Pattern Recognition Expert

What does your face says about you – even if you’re not saying a word?

I know you’ll love this! My Featured Guest this week on Daring Dreamers Radio is Naomi Tickle, a Face Pattern Recognition Expert.

Do you know what that is? Did you ever see the television series, “Lie to Me“? That series was based on that research and documented, proven information. Naomi was even invited on set as advisor.

Naomi reads your face. She can tell if you are slow and patient or fast-thinking and quick to get the bottom line, sensitive, musical, artistic, theatrical, talkers…

She can tell you what money challenges happen for you if you have a turned up nose (really!), what a certain kind of eyebrow means (like my high-flying ones that seem to want to sprint to the roof), what thin faces and wide faces mean – it’s fascinating!

Daring Dreamers Radio presents Naomi Tickle! Go here to listen in: – free, of course.

Oh, and if you have a large lower lip, thin lips, rounded ears…you’ll have very specific attributes!

(And…did you know if you get her book from her site you get a mini-reading? I got one – she was right on! I was stunned!)


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