Recently, I figured out a way to take thoughts of resistance and resentment and cook them up into new dishes of peace and calm.

It’s not that hard. You kind of have to be a bit detached in order to do it. It’s like feeling a belly ache, and then watching yourself feel the belly ache with curiosity or wonder.

Today I felt hurt by something someone said. I had to remember that he was feeling hurt about something, and it didn’t have anything to do with me, really, except that I was there to receive the blow-back.

I’m still training my mind. Having taken things so personally for so long, it can be hard. But I try remember to say something like, “Wow, you sure have a lot of energy on that issue. How can I help you feel better?”

Or maybe, “Yes, you’re right about (whatever it is), but that doesn’t help much, does it? What needs to be done in order for this to be resolved?”

So today I asked, “If you knew that I only had a week to live, would you say that to me?” It shocked him to the core. We had a good conversation after that, where he revealed he felt guilty about having done something but didn’t know how to resolve it.

So good, not to have to argue. I much prefer peace.

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