Melt the Bad Man! A Dream

I’m upstairs in my bedroom about to go to bed, and hear a strange noise outside. I look out my window.

outthedoor-siteDown in the alley I see a motorbike stop just barely out of sight. A teen boy gets off and runs around the corner.

I dash downstairs and outside, and see the boy climbing into my kitchen window.

I grab a handful of his disappearing pant leg and hold tight.

I call Help! Help! to the man I know is upstairs, expecting him to come help me catch this kid who is intent on stealing from me.

The man comes downstairs, reaches outside the window and disengages my hand from the boy’s pants. He helps the boy off the sill, and sends him out the front door.

I’m livid.

I go back inside and scream at him, What the hell did you do?
I pull out my phone and start to call the cops.
He strikes the phone out of my hand, and says, You’ll do nothing of the kind, I’m in control now.

I say, This is MY house, and simultaneously realize it’s in his name.
He laughs, and says, Oh really?!? You’re broke and have no right to this house, it’s mine.

frustratedwithhim-siteI start to feel deflated, but still enraged.

I say, Then I’ll buy it out from under you.

He laughs and says, You can’t. You’re overdrawn. You have nothing.

I feel as if I’m about to burst with fury and helplessness.

I have no one to turn to. I want to run away screeching my pain.

I run to the front door and step halfway out, onto the steps in the dark.

I see a toy the young boy from the loft has dropped.
I pick it up and step back in to hand it to him.
He takes it from my hand. He is silent.

I start to go back out the door, but realize that if I leave this house – MY house – the man will take it and I will have nothing, and nowhere to go.

Frustrated beyond imagination, I feel my body start to blow up into a huge scream.

Suddenly, I know that’s the secret – sound! I can just scream the right frequency, and I can propel the man out of my house faster than light can travel.

But what I really want to do is kill him, so he can never perpetrate the same kind of abuse on me or anyone else ever again.

I imagine kung fu-ing him; beating him to a pulp; seeing a red dot on his forehead and a consequent laser beam melting his brain….

Then I realized that if I kill him, I lower myself vibrationally to his level, and I will have to repeat this energetic scenario over and over until I create a high frequency solution.

I knew that sending clouds of pink love would stop him, but I was so mad that I couldn’t do it.

So I decided that I wanted to melt him.
So I asked the Divine to do it for me.

Melt him with such an enormous amount of love that he can no longer function as a ‘bad person’ ever again.

After all, this is what ‘bad people’ want – to fill their empty hearts and missing souls with love. They try to force us to give it to them – squeeze it out of us – which of course never works, because we reflect their own anger and fear back to them magnified.

thkyouspirit-siteI can’t do the love thing, because I’m still so enraged, but I say, Divine Whatever You Are, please melt him with your love and mercy.’

And it does.

And he is gone.

And I feel awesome.


© Angela Treat Lyon 2016 All rights reserved

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