Dream Dissection

Thank you for your letters about the dream I recounted to you last weekend. I appreciate your feedback tremendously. You might be interested in some of the comments….

•   “So Angela, why did you send out that newsletter with your dream? Seems odd. What does your dream have to do with EFT-tapping?”

I sent it out because someone I respect had read it and said they thought it would be a good note for my readers. So I did. And it felt Right.

Tapping comes in when you feel scared or upset by a dream. You can either train yourself to tap inside a dream, or you can tap after you wake up.

•   “Did you make that up?”

No, very definitely not! It would be silly to try to make up a dream – our conscious minds just don’t work the way our dream minds do. I don’t think I’d ever be able to write a script as crazy as some of the dreams I’ve had.

•   “Why didn’t you give us forewarning of the possibility that the ‘bad guy’ could be melted? Having the Divine come in at the end seems like a corny device.”

That’s because you’re looking at it from a literary context. Dreams are not literary, by any stretch. I wasn’t going for any intended result other than wanting you to read the dream and get your own perspective.

 •  “What use is a dream like this? I was surprised at the violent nature of it.”

frustratedwithhim-siteYes, I can understand that. But remember, the nature of dreams is mysterious, and much of the time, far beyond our comprehension.

I studied for years with a Druid Dream Master in the 80s. She said that often we will work out unpleasant karma in our dreams so we don’t need to get bloody in real life. I can attest to that one! One day I’ll write out one of those dreams –

And many times, a dream’s purpose is to clue you onto something you need to pay attention to in your waking life.

If your dream messengers can’t get you to ‘get’ something with a feather, they will use a 2×4. If that won’t work, they’ll use a Mack truck. In this case, it was a Mack truck.


One of the precepts I was taught was that every aspect of your dream IS you. If you dream of a house, the house is you. If you dream of a mouse, the mouse is you. If you dream of a cake, it’s you. And so on.

This is useful if you can meditate on your dream and ask yourself,
•  What does that house-me represent?
•  How does it feel?
•  What parts of it was I paying attention to?
•  Does it have a specific message for me?
•  What does it remind me of?
There are plenty more questions you can ask of your dream in order to make sense of your waking life.

The dream I shared with you pointed out to me that I was done with the abusive men in my life. In the dream, I didn’t try to fight him; beyond asking question arising from my initial confusion, I didn’t try to argue with him; and I didn’t give in – all three of which I would have done in the past.

The little boy up in the loft was my little inner boy, who had been too scared up until then to make a peep, even after losing his toy out on the street. He only looked at me in the dream, wondering if he could trust me.

That meant to me that it’s now time to cultivate my inner little boy and help him grow up and have more fun, without fear.

There are a lot of other aspects I could go into, but the part I was mostly interested in was how I finally allowed myself to >not< be my own hero.

In the past, I wouldn’t have asked for help. From anyone. In my 20s, I had decided that if I was going to get something done, it was me who was going to do it. I perceived that no one wanted to help me. (I was wrong, but that’s a whole other story….)

So at the end of the dream when I tossed the whole thing to the Divine, that meant to me that I could trust that there was some one or some thing that was much bigger than me that would come to my aid if I asked.

(Which is kind of funny, seeing as I have been doing that for years – remember I told you about asking the Divine to send pink love when people tailgate you? It works. By the time I look again in the rear-view mirror, they have already backed off, and don’t repeat the tailgating. How could I forget that?)

I had been playing god by trying to do it all myself, and it was time to stop that and let miracles in.


I’m not saying, by any means, that we ought to just throw our hands up in the air and say, “god, YOU do it!” at the first sign of trouble! Ever hear of the saying, ‘god helps those who help themselves’?

To me, that means that I do my utmost best, and if even that doesn’t work, ask in the Big Help.


The message of the dream was that I needed to regain a sense of authority and sovereignty of my mind/body complex. It had been threatened by an Other-then-me Being, and I had to rise out of helplessness and succeed by using the power of Love. I also needed to honor the fun part of me more often!

The best thing about this dream was the feeling I awoke with – I felt great! I had gone through what was a serious breach of my privacy and my personal sovereignty, and come out feeling fantastic. That was worth gold to me.

I’ve learned a lot by studying dreams. I’ve been wiring them down since I was nineteen – that’s 50+ years. You know you have to learn something from studying something that long!


I was thinking this morning that I’d be happy to do some dream readings for you – would you be interested in that? Or….


If you are interested in deepening your ability to read your own dreams, I can also show you:
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a shorty quick way for fast answers
a longer, in-full way to get the most out of it
•  how to go back in and change your dream if it feels heavy, scary or incomplete
•  how to use tapping to de-escalate highly charged emotions – both right in your dreams, and afterwards
•  how to use your dream messages to impact and improve your life

Are you interested in either a reading or a series of teleclasses?

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