Love Made My Birdies Come Back!

Red BirdiesWhen I moved back to Hawaii 15 years ago, there were no birds at all in my yard. Through planting desirable bushes and plants, putting out various birdseed, and creating a simple little bird-bath, I’ve very carefully built up a big flock of birdies that come live in the trees – over ten species, including the cutest itty-bitty finches.

At first there were only two finches. Very nervous, never staying long. By the end of March of this year, the flock had grown to over thirty.

But then, all of a sudden there was a huge drop in bird visitations and in their populations. I couldn’t believe it – what the heck? I couldn’t figure out why – until one day I noticed a new neighborhood cat lying in wait under a guava bush.

All the other neighborhood cats know not to come into my yard upon pain of being sprayed with water or used as target practice with the little stones I have stacked and ready by my door.

Don’t get me wrong – I like cats. but NOT in my yard. I don’t hurt them, I just want them out of here.

This new cat had decimated my finches – there were only 2 by the end of last week. I was heart broken


Then I remembered I’d made the commitment to being in love with ALL of my life. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is and it isn’t, because it means loving even the things that you ordinarily would decry and despise.

So I thought about the birdies and how upset it made me that they were gone, and did a little process on how I felt, and how the outer world reflects the inner.

Afterwards, I slipped right back into being In love with ALL of my life. Even the crummy parts.

The next day, there were over 30 of the finches.

Yes! The ‘outside’ world really does reflect your ‘inner’ world.

You can call what happened a miracle, or a co-incidence, or whatever you like – you’re entitled to your ideas.

But I know what happened to me and my world, and it makes me happy. I feel in love, which I love. And I have my birdies back, which I really, really love.

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