How to ‘Read’ The Drawings

How many times have you looked at my tile drawings and they didn’t make sense to you? Or maybe felt so busy you didn’t look at them for long?

Here’s how to ‘read’ them.

1. Direct your eyeballs to the exact center of the square.
2. Drop your eyes vertically to the center of the bottom line.
3. Now look over to the right bottom corner,
4. And then back up to the center.

You have now traced a triangle with your eyes.

Keeping your vision within the triangle, look again, this time focusing on the elements that are there.

• In the center, there is a person looking out a window.
• Drop your eyes down a bit, and underneath the window is a bunch of hummingbirds drinking from a feeder, splashing the liquid into the air.
• Under the hummers is a big pot of lavender,
• Under the rim of the plant pot is a red-faced snail,
• And to the right of him there are two squirrels holding hands dancing, with a wee little mousie under their hands.
• In the corner, there is a budding hibiscus bush with red flowers,
• And above that, moving your eyes towards the center again, there is a tree growing behind the hibiscus bush.
• Under the tree’s lowest branch is a bluebird,
• And above the tree are purple martins dancing.

And that’s it! Confusion gone!

Now you can back away from the drawing a bit, and see that the squirrels form a circle of fun around the entire square, with the hibiscus bushes in the corners holding it all together.

Now you can read the drawing!


Image: Paradise Out My Window
© Angela Treat Lyon 2023


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