Do You Know What the Three Cs of Spiritual Marketing Are…and Why You Should Care?

I invite you to read my article on the Three Cs of Spiritual Marketing (and What They Hold Up) on Spiritus, the Spiritual Marketing Directory today!

Spiritus is hosting the Spiritual Marketing Awareness Month from yesterday until the end of October!

If you love the idea of using your values and ideals as a platform on which to build your business and marketing strategies – whether on or offline or both – you’ll love what you’ll get from this FREEbie month-long celebration and expo!!

What you DON”T get (yay!):

  • A million teleclasses you have to show up on live
  • A million bonuses you’ll never even look at or use…
  • A million pitches from subsciber-hungry marketers (yes, you can check out and sign up for the experts’ stuff, but you don’t get pitched every other second or have to opt-in to anything you don’t want!)

What you DO get:

  • A series of great (shorty) articles by biz experts that you can read at your leisure
  • Opportunities to connect – real-time – with internet, marketing and business coaches and experts who all put their values first.
  • Their tips, tricks, techniques, strategies, stories and inner secrets for creating online success with your deeply value-driven business.
  • A chance to register on Spiritus and set up your biz there – even if you aren’t tech savvy or hate online stuff. Set your biz up there and just leave it!

(Already know you want to list your biz there? Here’s where you can do that:

IDareYouRadio.comPLUS: I invite you to find out more about all this by tuning in to my interview of Shelagh Jones, head honcho of Spiritus on the Daring Dreamers Showcase – click on this link or the I Dare You Radio logo to the left:

I know you’ll LOVE Spiritus!

List your biz here:
Spiritual Marketing Awareness Month:

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