In late 1999, I was house-sitting for some friends in Tesuque, NM. (pronounced tess-OO-kee)

It was bloody cold – maybe you don’t know this, but Santa Fe is 7000′ above sea level, and Tesuque is a bit higher.

There was snow that morning; my blankies weren’t sufficient, and being naturally a tropical gal, I was pretty unhappy with how cold it was.

As I woke up in a that very depressed state, I contemplated driving my van over one of the cliffs in the area to end what I perceived as the pain of existence.

Now, before you get all ‘oh you shouldn’t think that way’ righteous on me, you’ve been out-done! Read on for what happened next…

A male voice IN my head said to me, “Angela, if you keep thinking that way, you’re already dead. Why don’t you focus on what would make you happy as you wait for your body to die – slowly – without any radical act.”

Well! Immediately, I started having these amazing brilliantly colored visions of this land where everyone wore only non-functional clothing for fun and color, and danced until the stars flew, where there were odd critters and strange landscapes, and everyone honored each other and all Creation with every act they could.

I called it The Land of Ammaze, and went on to actuate the vision with over 70 drawings like this one.

And as you can see, no, I didn’t do the Dirty Deed – my van sat right in the driveway without moving an inch that morning – and for quite a while after, as I obsessively created these drawings. I’d never have hurt my dog, my best friend, anyway.

And you can see many more of these here:

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