Delight - black & white original by Angela Treat Lyon © 2019Every morning before I get up, I do my best to spend an hour in meditation. If I don’t do that, I feel disjointed and discombobulated all day, or at lest until I get to sit and focus inside.

It has become such an integral part of my life that if I stopped I would feel as if an essential part of me, like an arm or leg, would feel horribly lost.

I have actually been doing it since the mid 60s, but never as cohesively as now. I just didn’t know how, and all the woowoo info and instructions from gurus never made real sense to me.

Now I get it. I’ve been using a particular method that has been allowing me to get so much deeper and so aligned with my essential beingness that when I get up I feel like I’m soaring with my feet fully grounded.

This image is how I feel – celebrating love and life with little birdies and the Earth Being gathered and playing in love and fun. I really love how the bigger birdie is so full of delight she can’t hardly keep herself contained!

DELIGHT – original drawing NFS. Prints, yes. PM me if you’d like one.

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