What Can YOU Do?

Thank you to all the people who came to the tap-for-fears-and-upsets call I gave this week! ( If you’d like to watch the replay it’s HERE )

And, to those who complained that, although they were on the call, they didn’t get called on:

Perhaps in all the chaos that has ensued from this crazy health situation you have forgotten the thing that people are doing for you – and I emphasize the word ‘for.’

They are giving you their time and energy to help you – in whatever way they offer – so you can get your feet back on the ground after the shock of this sudden world-changing situation.

Have you ever stopped to question why those people normally charge what they do for their paid sessions, classes, services or products?

They do so because:
• they have the training
• they have the expertise
• they have the experience to know what to do for you
• they are really good at what they do,
• they help a lot of people, and
• it takes a lot of behind-the scenes work to do what they do for people.

The behind-the scenes things we do are invisible actions that you take for granted, because it’s so easy to sign your name on a registration form and simply show up at an appointed hour and get into a freebie class.

It’s not that easy for us – we don’t just open up zoom at 7 pm and start talking and tapping!

What we DO do is this:
• spend time before the class carefully researching the problem that will be addressed
• prepare the class intention and materials
• set up an outline that fits material and time available
Then, we:
• schedule the class on whatever platform, be it zoom, instanteleseminar, gotowebinar, etc. That means fill in forms, set times, add details, etc.

Then, we have to:
• create a website page for telling you about the class
• write the copy that tells you about the class
• set up the registration or purchase link
• set up the thank you page
• write the copy for the thank you page
• write an email to you announcing the call
• schedule it to go out on a specific day
• write and send out a followup reminder
• send out a right-before-class reminder
• get into the class platform
• take the time to show up do our best to deliver the best class or session we possibly can.

Then, we don’t just walk away and the video and audio show up magically on a web page. We have to:
• save and edit the audio
• save and edit the video
• put the audio up on the thank you page
• put the video up on the thank you page
• write an email to you saying it’s ready.
• and answer complaints.

Then, if we can, we rest for a bit.

All of that takes a very precious commodity called Time.

We don’t have a lot of it because we spend so much of it working with people who are going through stuff we can help with.

If you get on a call and can’t get personal attention, it’s because there’s only so much we can do for you in one little hour.

If you desperately want to be called on, use the raise-hand system in the chat box, or whatever system is being used.

It may seem to you like there are only a few people on the call. But, there are always people who turn off their name and visibility, so there can be tens or even hundreds on a call that only looks to you like it’s populated by 5 or 8 or 11.

If you seriously want quality, you-directed, personal time with a coach, BUY it. Take responsibility. Do what it takes to get the funds and pay for one or more 1-1 sessions.

Or join a paid group arrangement of only 4 or 5 people, total, so you can be guaranteed personal time with the coach.

That way, you will get the attention and the progress you need and want, and that we want you to have.

A freebie call like the one I did on Monday is to take the edge off the anxiety, fear or upset you may be feeling. In one hour there’s no way I can get to each one of 52 people!

Nor can I even begin to hope to get to the bottom of someone’s core issues and all the accompanying aspects of it in a group call. It takes time. Period.

One thing that is great about group calls is that the energy of all the people expands and increases the more people there are. One person may have an issue alleviated at the end of the call, and never have said a word or been tapped with by me.

And. You cannot – must not – expect me or any other energy or emotions practitioner to heal your wounds.

That’s up to you. You have to do the work. You need to listen carefully to learn the tools I give you, and to the instructions how to use them.

Then you need to take them and use them – during and after the call. It is NOT my responsibility to heal you. It is yours.

Stop playing the victim. Let go of complaining. Complaining is an identity, and doesn’t look good on you – the powerful, amazing, resourceful, creative person I know you are.

Complaining is simply blaming someone else for you feeling helpless and powerless.

Start being aware of the immense amount of grace and blessings around you, every single day, every single minute, right in your own life.

If you can do that one thing, your life will change in the most extraordinary way you could ever imagine.

Please understand that I, and all the other incredibly kind and generous people, who are giving freely of time, energy, products and classes so YOU can feel better, are also human, also vulnerable, and most likely really exhausted from working overtime.

We do it in love. What can YOU do, in love?

Ask yourself what you could do for others to help them feel better, too. Like, what is the simplest thing that you are really good at that someone would gain relief or joy or a feeling of connection from in this crazy world? Go do it.

© Angela Treat Lyon 2020 EFTBooks.com

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