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Last night, I happened upon a new show on Amazon prime called The Power.

In it, young girls are discovering they have a new, odd sensation in their bodies — little courses of electricity that travel down their arms and make zippy jumping lines of lightning, that jump finger tip to finger tip. Sparks ignite upon anger or fear, and great arcs of immense power blast men and objects when the girl is ticked off or fearful.

I won’t ruin the story for you, because it’s done well and is a good script — a few minor oopses, but overall I’d give it a 9 out of ten.

You can imagine how the world reacts to such a phenomenon. At first, it’s called a hoax, and the male dominant power base tries to make the girls wrong, mentally ill, etc. The girls are punished, mocked, thrown in jail or isolation. One leader even cries ‘execute them!’

It doesn’t take long for the girls to get that they are now free — free from possible harm, free to retaliate against being abused, raped, molested, sabotaged, humiliated, gaslit, put down, etc.

They finally begin to understand, by the 3rd episode, that they are now the ones with the ultimate power.

I binge watched those first 3 episodes — and I’d have watched as many more as I could if they were available — which says a lot, since I haven’t watched a single thing in 3 years, much less binge watch.

When I went to bed afterwards, I was thinking how cool it would be to have such a power.

And yet, it bothered me that, now that the power has flipped from one segment of the population to another — and it’s a huge, long-abused, very angry, very hurt, deeply bitter segment — you know darn well retaliation and vengeance will reign supreme. At least for a while.

The question is, will they create a new version of society that is also based on fear? Where men and boys are given the same treatment women and girls have endured for the past 5000 years?

Or will they mature, once their anger is sated, into dreaming up and creating a blessing-based society? A meritocracy, perhaps?

Well, since it is TV, you know it wouldn’t be exciting or suspenseful if it wasn’t scary or violent, right? So maybe in this show, nothing that enlightened will happen. Who knows — the writing is very good — one can hope.

But if this phenomenon should happen in the outer world, I’d hope that the girls would hone these lightning skills, and refine them, so maybe along with the possibilities of fire, harm, hurt, and death, they could also learn to hand out healing and health and life-giving abilities.

What if a girl could aim her fingers at someone and give them the ability to heal with their hands, instead of hurting them?

What if they could pass on the ability to amplify thoughts of simply blessing people?

What if, in the case of men who have done harm, these girls could stop them in their tracks, so they could see how they’ve harmed people, so they could repent and maybe go about restitution.

What if one’s electric hands could impart improved intelligence, or open up a new wave of creativity, or expanded wisdom?

So many possibilities!

I want to live in that world. A blessing world.

I don’t care about hurting the folks who have hurt me. What was done is done. No way to fix those things. But certainly ways to learn from them.

I’d be afraid to live in a world where irate women were flashing their fire fingers around in electric splurges of lightning and vengeance. I know how mad I can get, and how much restraint it takes for me to not tear the world apart when I’m enraged — how about a world where most have little to no restraint? I’d go hide!

But a blessing-based world?

I’m coming on out — this I want to see.

And why do I have to wait until women can blast deathly rays of electricity from their fingertips?

We have plenty of power in our words and actions, our writing, our art, our speeches, teachings, music, dance and a myriad of other creative endeavors.

Not to mention the thousands of groups of action takers, both large and small, already doing such good work in the world.

What if we created a blessing-based world right now?

I’d rather contemplate that, and see what I could do to make that happen in my own wee corner of the world.

What if everyone did that?


Thanks for reading my story! I hope you enjoyed it.


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