March for Women’s Freedom and Human Rights

The Women’s March! Wow, the Women’s March was so awesome! 

Had me in tears. 3 Million world wide. 70 countries – even including Antarctica! Over 700 marches. I could go on – but check these out (and this is San Francisco last night – is that a thing of beauty or what?!?):

san-fran-5hSome of the best signs:

•  Fight like a girl!
•  Silent No More
•  I will NOT be silenced!
•  Donald J Trump will Lie about this
•  Keep your tiny hands off my Rights
•  Same shit, different century
•  Equality hurts no one
•  A woman’s place is in the Boardroom
•  Men of quality don’t fear Equality
•  You can’t comb over Misogyny
•  Girls to the front
•  The whole world is watching
•  I’m not usually a sign person but geez
•  Bisexuals are just confused – by your ignorance
•  Can’t believe we still have to protest this crap
•  I’m Really Quite Cross About This (love that!)
•  Those of us with Ovaries Need A Press with Balls
•  My arms are tired from holding this sign since the 60s
•  Women are the Wall and Trump will pay!
•  They tired to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds
•  Hey Donald, don’t try to grab my pussy, it’s made of STEEL
•  Respect existence or expect Resistance
 •  I am woman, hear me ROAR!
…and a sign saying, I’m with Her, with arrows pointing all around to the other women and men who were marching.

No other time in our world history has there been such a massive, globally attended protest for women, overall freedom and human rights.

We are so fortunate to have social media! I know, it’s a waste of time how some people use it. But this! This was amazing.


If you are on FB, I have collected a slew of pix of the march that will inspire you – see them here:


First of all, all of us need to stop complaining about Trump, the elections and what has already gone by. It’s a waste of breath and creative energy.

Instead, we need to start dreaming up what we want, and taking the steps to get there.

If you ask yourself what upsets you about him or his administration, pick ONE topic to focus on, and do what you can to support the opposite of what you don’t like.


I’m not a marcher, either. My feet won’t allow it. So I did what I could – I painted signs. I made phone calls to my gov reps. I posted scads of petitions on FB and twitter. I posted supporting pix on FB. I emailed friends.

If you’re not a marcher, either, or a speaker or protest-out-louder, then do what you can!


Because the more we sit around and bitch and moan, the more we perpetuate the problem. Think about it: if I say, I’m so annoyed at _____, what does that focus on? The thing that annoys me.

But if I say, I’ve decided I’m going to support a cause or create something cool, what am I focusing on? The cool thing that will BYPASS the problem.


Buckminster Fuller, the amazing architect, systems theorist, author, designer, and inventor of the geodesic dome, taught about bypassing outdated systems to avoid hatred, fighting and violence, and to introduce newer models that work better.

Think about it – did digital photography fight Polaroid as digital took over? No! It bypassed Polaroid, and the old version of Polaroid died within a very short time.

When a majority of people focus on the solution the old problem automatically fades and dies. The old problem can kick and fight and scream, but the bypass has started, and soon the old paradigm fades away.

BYPASS!! Remember that word!


Remember that the dark side likes to suck on our distress, pain and fear energy. The more we buy into the fear, the more we feel the fear and radiate fear energy, the more we feed the lower levels of existence.

I say, as best we can, let’s do what it takes to increase and bring love, generosity, compassion, forgiveness and kindness back to our hearts so these sad dark entities get so uncomfortable that they run away to their own realm of darkness.

If you truly can’t focus on love, tap on it! And if you cannot, ask the Above to do it for you, to bring it back inside your heart. It will.


Focus on what you want.
Be willing to stand for it.
Be willing to march for it.
Be willing to speak out for it.
Be willing to integrate it into your life, and take action.

It’s the focus forward and the action taken step by step towards it that counts. Sitting at home and complaining, feeling helpless, powerless and voiceless is no longer an option.

And remember: see if you can remember to ask yourself, “How can I add more love in this situation right now?”

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