I’ve been talking about procrastination lately. Mainly because I’ve been doing it, myself. I know, bad me.

I couldn’t figure out why until speaking with a friend today. I happened to just blurt out that after this relief money runs out, I’m worried that my life will fall flat, that I won’t be able to sell enough art.

What’s that about???

In truth – it’s that I still need to have belief in myself, and have trust that my work is good, that people will love and want it – and buy it. Enough that I can maintain my little lifestyle as it is without more sacrifices.

I guess 16 years of living in a tiny shack back in Hawaii kind of put a dent in my self-regard. I think I’m doing pretty well, actually, after all is said and done, but I need more faith, and maybe to expand my ability to let in the messages of love and support that already pour in.

Have you ever seen someone be complimented and they just haven’t the space to take it in? I think that’s me right now – I’m setting a determination to work on that.

In the kind-time (who likes mean-times!)… here is Leonard. He said he’d sit with me, and help me open my awareness. Isn’t that sweet of him?

And Sniffy Snake is offering to search for anything that would get in my way and bite it! Hah! Thanks Sniffy!
At the top, the jokers are laughing, saying, “If we can, you can! Two can, you can!” Ha, ha, ha, guys. Snort!

Original pastels on paper, 9″x12″
Available – if you would like to have either the original or a print of this snarky gang in your home (or office) let me know, and I’ll send them on!

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