2 Surprise Portraits!

Many, many years ago, I did a slew of portraits for people. A couple of weeks ago, my brother contacted me and asked me to do ones of his grandkids.

Quite frankly, I didn’t know if I was too rusty, but I said yes anyway – what the heck. Why not try it and see if the old fingers remember what to do, right?

I’m so pleased with the results! Here are photos of the portraits of Hunter and Caroline. Cool, no?


Joy D says:

The beauty of who you are shines forth so magnificently in all you do. Fantastic portraits LLL Joy!

Tove says:

Hi Angela, why am I not at all surprised at these portraits done by Angela Treat Lyon???
It seems to me, you can do anything and everything.
Proud to “know” you.
I wish you enough.
Although I believe, you have more than enough!

Albertine Schoen says:

What a lovely portraits made with love and sensibility!
Do not forget that you got your talents to use them and you should!!!
It is beautyfull what you make.

Cheryl Perin says:

These are quite beautiful and It doesn’t appear you are rusty. Great job Angela!


Donna Ganza says:


Your endless creativity and boundless energy and talent never cease to amaze me. LOVE the portaits. How fortunate your family is to have you, even though I’m sure they must think you’re an alien! :-D

Barbara Cox says:

Lovely, so alive, I can hear them now. Good on you Girl.