Dr. Jane Claypool: Spiritual Leader, Author of “Wise Women Don’t Worry, Wise Women Don’t Sing the Blues”

I’m pleased to have found Dr. Jane Claypool because she’s one of those people who is at once unassuming…with a really dynamic and powerful presence. (JaneClaypool.com)

As a minister, she trained over 35 ministers in the field and wrote much of the training curriculum for Religious Science International.

She served on the RSI Board of Education and Board of Directors. In 2002, RSI gave her the Raymond Charles Barker Award for her spiritual writing.

She was a teacher, real estate broker, and a freelance writer who has written an incredible 80+ books for teens (!!!); was chosen as Writer of the Year in 1981 by the Society of Children’s Book Writers; and her best selling book, Dreams Can Come True sold over a million copies and was translated into seven languages.

Since she started the Center For Spiritual Living in California, I was curious to hear what her take on Science of Mind is, and how she got past her Catholic upbringing.

She says, “Of all the gifts I’ve received from New Thought, my sense of connection to others is probably the greatest. I used to feel very, very separate from you. I was afraid to let you know me and, at the same time, I yearned to be loved and accepted for my true self. Like many…I had a bad case of what we called alienation….”

I was pleasantly surprised by her way of addressing what was a serious drinking problem – listen in as she explains what’s more important than the problem – and how energy and connection figure in to her work.

CLICK HERE or on the logo to the left to get to my interview with Dr. Jane Claypool – listen in and don’t be fooled by her mellow manner – this is one powerful woman!

You can find her books, Science of Mind Skills and Wise Women Don’t Worry, Wise Women Don’t Sing the Blues at NewthoughtWorks.net, or here: get direct links to them HERE.

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