Do Your Beliefs Undermine & Sabotage You?

sm-oikA while ago, a friend of mine published a book. She asked me for some feedback on the cover before she sent it to the printer.

I suggested to her that, before she did let it go, she might make a couple of small changes on the cover that would make it more compelling to its target audience.

She decided not to, because her designer “had already made lots of changes and I don’t want to bother her, or pay for more changes.”

She was at the effect of her beliefs that, 1. it was too much trouble for the designer, and 2. that it would cost too much.

Well, as a book designer myself, I can tell you that, yes, it can be a pain to make one more change, but so what?

Your designer gets paid for what s/he does; and those changes can make the book or the cover look better and be more sales-worthy – so what if the designer has to take more time? Better to get it right before you go to print than to not do it and regret it later.

It cost my friend way more in the long run from lost sales to not do the changes!

Don’t allow yourself to be held hostage by your beliefs like this. Look ahead at the advantages to be gained by making that scary decision, even if it seems to cost more right now.

Believe in yourself and your project, know that your message has value, and that if you do not do everything you can to make it so that the people who are meant to find your book, audio, teleclass or whatever, find it – they won’t! Make it so your product or service shows up for your people so they will  know it’s there. Otherwise – why bother?


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  1. Angela-Good for you!! I loved your sculpture and your travel idea will go like hotcakes. Iam so happy to see you doing this. Luv, Peg