Are You Using Your Dreams to Improve Your Life?

Have you ever had an intuitive urge to do something that would be really cool and exciting…

anger…and in a flash, your inner nay-sayer shreds it into so many ragged, frayed threads with so many arguments against it that you push it to the back of your mind, saying, “well, maybe some day I’ll get to it….”?

And later, you think to yourself, “I shoulda done that!” But it’s too late, and now you add another I-could-have-done item to your regret pile.

That inner voice is your lovely subconscious, trying to keep you from taking risks so you can be safe. It wants you to maintain the status quo. It’s heartily against change.

It would rather you stay stuck in a loveless, harsh, abusive relationship than risk going out on your own and creating love, safety and fun for yourself at last.


Last week on the Hunting Your Power Through Dreaming Teleclass, K.P. told us about her dreams of kissing her ex (ew!). We did some tapping, and we did some re-dreaming, and she went off very happy.

She contacted me to say that she awoke feeling light and free the next day, because for the first time she can remember the heaviness and fear were gone.

And a week later, not only does she not dream about him anymore, but she realized that she was the one who had kept herself imprisoned in her long relationship with this loud, angry, narcissistic, abusive man.

Imagine what it would be like to erase your own sabotaging voice!

That’s what we did for her, and now she feels great, and says,

“I released myself from that self-defeating pact, and I actually felt all of the oppression leave. I feel free!

I feel that I will move forward in my career at a record breaking pace now. I can be and do exactly what I want now.

Oh happy day! I feel so different than I did yesterday. I am really me now! I am still flying high. I don’t know if I can sleep tonight.

You should feel good— you just gave me my life back. BOOM!”

kickhimout-5hWHAT ABOUT YOU?

Want to get released from old stuff that keeps sabotaging you, too?

I’ll show you how to use Active Dreaming to:
•  stop that inner nag saying “no you can’t do that”
•  remember your dreams even if you don’t dream now
•  use inner portals to other realities so you can bring back
treasures you can use in this reality
•  heal almost any kind of pain or imbalance
•  work out karma without getting hurt
•  discover re-dreaming so you can can completely upgrade
your experience of life
•  stop nightmares and chase dreams
•  find out what your dreams really mean (not by using one
of those dream interpretation books!)
•  meet inner guides who assist you in amazing ways…


Then you’ll want to listen to the FREE Intro to Hunting Your Power Through Dreaming Audio from last week’s Teleclass! You can do the tapping with us, and read the totally cool and very funly illustrated by me Transcript! Get it HERE.


Because I reveal what the Top Most Important Dream Types are, and start you off on how to use them:
Even if you think you’d don’t dream
(I show you how to start them up again).
Even if you don’t remember your dreams
(I show you how to start recalling them).
Even if your dreams right now are scary and not fun.

You’ll see how we created a whole new dream for one of the women who said she hadn’t had any new clients in six months.

Want more clients? Make more dough?


So – I invite you to check out the Audios for the
Hunting Your Dreams Course/Mastermind

I want you to be able to not just cruise through your night
with any old dreams, but have purposeful, intentional dreams.
I call it Active Dreaming.


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