OK, I’m Back At It!

Do what you love and live your Dream!This week my client, ‘Cynthia’ lit into me and scolded me crisply. She’d seen my email a couple of months ago where I announced that ‘I Quit,’ and knew I was taking more time for my artwork and cutting back on coaching.

She has been a client of mine for a while now, and she’s always sending me little notes of gratitude. She says, “because of you and your guidance, I’ve gone from being a terrified, limp buttercup to a huge, radiating sunflower in my business and personal life.”

So she was asking me about how it has been for me this past few months as I move my energies to living more of my Dream than ever, and how inspired she felt, herself, just seeing me go for it. That was nice. And then she nailed me.

“Angela,” she said (imagine a soft but very clear, low-toned voice),

“I can’t imagine life this past two years without you. I’d still be in the basement hiding out. What on earth are you DOing, cutting back on coaching clients? How many people out there want to get what I’ve gotten from you? Get your butt back into more coaching! You know you love it, and you’re so darn good at it – get to it!”

Well. Hm.

I had to listen – I depend on the Universe to give me messages that are loud and clear, and that may not have been particularly loud, but it sure was clear!

I decided that she was right. So I had a hard look at my schedule and how I could possibly fit one more thing in – can you relate? Busy? Ohhh yes. Ha! But I cleared some time, and put aside more hours per week when I can coach people.

MY QUESTION TO YOU is this: what is something that are you really, really good at, that you adore doing, that people love and ask you for more of, and from which you can also derive a good income – and you haven’t been doing enough of it?

I say to you – just like Cynthia said to me – get on it! Now!

You have a real gift, and people are asking you for it.

So do what it takes. If people compliment you and ask for more, it’s a pretty good sign that something is working for you – and what are you doing? Resisting? Silly! Tap on it! (Find out about tapping here no cost: http://EFTinEveryHome.com)

Quit floundering around waiting for success – because it won’t happen without your own active participation.

Success is a moving, growing, always-changing energy. It is not a destination, it is an energy. Define what yourown success means to you, and go for it, vibrate it.

RESOURCE: Something that might help you have more time in which to create your success in your own biz is an online scheduler. I use CheckAppointments.com.

I like it because I can put an image (of me or a logo) and a write-up on it, and configure all the inner details just the way I want them. I looked through all the major onlineschedulers and liked this one the best – and you can use their freebie or the for-fee version.

I set my calendar up with the days and the hours I want to have open for coaching. I decided to tell people that for the next couple of weeks, ‘you can save yourself 450 bucks – just Sign yourself Up for one of my Special $99 Sessions here: http://99for99.CheckAppointments.com.

‘When my assistant sees the session appear on the calendar, he will get to you about how to pay. You get a reminder the day before the session, as well.’

You can do something like that, too. It’s a great system, and easy to use. Now go boldly into that Good Dream!

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