Multiple Nano Steps = One (or More) Quantum Leap

Happy Holidays to you!

And…I’m hoping that before the actual day we leap into 2012, you’ll make the intention to make 2012 the best year of your life!

Take a few minutes right now, and picture, think about and feel what it will be like to have the ultimate 12 months; the most fun, fulfilling and prosperous year in your life so far.

Or maybe EVER!

I invite you to put aside all the little voices and beliefs that you aren’t good enough or don’t do it right or who are you to … whatever – and just allow them to rest and relax on the side as you use your mind and heart to dream up your new year.

DECIDE to have a great year. Whether that means about health, growth, business or personal success, family relationships, your body, your mind, or all of the above. Decide.

When you feel like you could burst with feel-good, when you feel cozy and relaxed, or inspired and excited, note how that feels in your body.

Are you energized? Relaxed? Calm? Tingling? Make note of how that feels, because any time you don’t feel that way from now on, you’ll know you’re ‘off,’ and you can stop, take a breath, and decide to tap and get back ‘on’ again.

Decide to keep your mind on track, and any time you catch yourself feeling like you’re heading down the wrong road – stop! Take a breath and recommit to the path of success that you have chosen.

Focus on what you want, what you can do, what you ARE doing … and keep your mind always headed to that success destination! And remember – it’s all about taking nano-steps, not always only the huge leaps.

Don’t think that’s true? Remember how the Wright brothers had to take lots of small steps as they ran towards the cliff to leap off it to fly? Small steps! Small steps!


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