This Author is Soaring!

dying-2-live-coverToday I got a note that made my day. If you’re a coach or consultant or mentor, you know what I mean – especially since I don’t do book mentoring very much anymore. You’ll see what I mean…here it is:

Your guidance, patience and wisdom has been remarkable throughout my [book-writing/publishing/marketing] project. Just think, 18 months ago I wasn’t even thinking about writing a book. Now I have an amazing book – Dying to Live: Embracing the Journey.  It is a fabulous vehicle to speak about a subject I am passionate about, “living life to the fullest.”

Dying to Live gives me the credentials to speak as a “death and dying” expert to medical professionals, and reach out to so many people who are struggling as a caregiver or someone with a terminal illness.

I am humbled by the impact it is making. My goal was to reduce suffering and fear and provide ways to increase quality of life, and that is what Dying to Live is doing.

I have an opportunity to go to UCDavis medical school and give a speech on Thursday. My book is getting a lot of attention, which is wonderful. And I am getting much better at being interviewed.

I am having regular weekly interviews from radio stations all around the country, but now I’m being offered, like the one in Davis, to come talk to medical students! I’m also going to be the only guest on an hour radio talk show on Monday the 10th!

Angela, if anyone is thinking about writing a book I would highly recommend you as their mentor/coach.

Thank you so much,
Joanne Harvey MSW


See what I mean? Did that make me feel great, or what? Yes indeed! All that work we did paid off!

If you’re a coach, and you get your skills, talents, knowledge and unique gifts all lined up together and you truly help people, you’ll get letters like that too. I suggest you go to Amazon (just click on the book cover above) and check out Joanne’s book – I sure learned a LOT from her and I know you will, too.

And you can write books that have as much impact as that, too. It’s important to get your message out – how long have you been sitting on it? Quit squashing it, get up off your duff and start writing! We want to know what you’ve got stashed in that head of yours!

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