Does ‘Out of the Blue’ Creating Really Work?

dance-3Last week I said I’d share with you what it’s been like during the last 3 months in my new Adventure of getting back to doing more artwork. In a nutshell:

Exhilarating and Terrifying
Annoying, Confusing
Exciting and Thrilling
Terrifying and Exhilarating
Success Beginnings

There’s a lot to be said about clear, bright, bodily-felt visions of the success you want to create. Without the one I painted for myself in my mind and felt in my body, and a whole lot of tapping, I’d have been S.O.L. Why?

Because during the annoying, confusing, disappointing, terrifying stages, I’d have lost myself in woe-is-me.

In the past, I’d have declared it an impossibility, crying, “no one supports me, no one wants to see, hear about or buy my artwork, no one wants what I make, I’m just always going to be broke and sad and sick (!), I’m always going to be an unknown (!), I’ll never get my work shown where I want, no collectors want my work….”

Bored yet? Me, too. Old Story. Old Story. Old Story. Give it up. Write a new one!

Fortunately, I’ve been tapping long enough to know that those stages were just precursors to the next stages of exhilarating and Validating (don’t know what tapping is all about? Go here:

But how did I get through all that?

I’ll be honest – it was hard. Hmmm – not what you wanted to hear, right? “Angela is an EFT expert, and it was hard for HER? What’s it going to be like for ME?”

Well, it was hard because I (at first) tried to roll on over it all with the enthusiasm and excitement of the Dream actually Beginning.

But you can only roll over so much before it picks itself up and rolls on over you if you don’t do a little inner work. In my case, a LOT. I had so many concretized, solid, seemingly-unbreakable beliefs and thoughts that were skulking and spitting and hissing in a very dark hole in the back-back-back of my mind that, for a minute, I was worried I’d never get through them.

I even did a couple of weeks of bingeing – I bought and ate at least a hundred-year supply of gingersnaps. I saw it, and I allowed it, because I wanted to get all the unfelt feelings up to the surface. I bet I put on 10 pounds in that time alone.

But I got bored with feeling bleagh and heavy and fat and bloated and ill and angry and confused and numb. I saw that if I continued, I’d end up really hating myself and my life.

Invitation to come out and talkI decided to spend some very intense, very focused time addressing it all.

So I invited all those old feelings and thoughts to come on out and rear their ugly heads and hiss and spit all they wanted, and so that I could see them clearly enough to help them get some air – and so we all could feel better.

As I’ve said hundreds of times, it’s all energy. We place our beliefs and perceptions on that energy, and create our identifying Story of Who We Really Are around those perceptions.

If it’s just energy, if feeling better only means a change in perceptions, why can’t I shift it? No reason. I can. Anybody can. If you can see it, you can shift it.

Albert Einstein said, “The field is the sole governing influence on the particle.”

Think about that for a bit – don’t just read it and keep going. If you think of your thoughts as the field, and your self, your life, your Being as the particle, what does that say? Um-hm – your thoughts govern your life.

So there I was with all the thoughts and resulting feelings, beliefs and habits from childhood and years of disappointments as a ‘starving’ artist looming over me as I started back on my path again! Yeowie!

Lucky me! My mind held all those fears, doubts, worries, misperceptions and angers safe and sound for me so that when I finally came to the point of acknowledging that yes, I do want to make Art the prime focus of my life again, there they all were all ready to come up and be healed. Thank you, Mind!

And thank you, tapping, because without it I’d have skulked back to giving up again.

gatheredI wanted support and like-minded people around me, so I started a local tapping group. In the first 4 weeks, we worked on a lot of money stuff. A LOT.

I took us through some of the material in Jerry Gillies’ Money Love book (have you read it yet? It’s a must-read – check out my interview with Jerry as my guest on the Daring Dreamers Showcase at  That material helped a ton.

The group took a break for a couple of weeks, during which I noticed some pretty significant “miracles” happening out of the blue. A woman called me and bought my car for 2K over blue book (!) and I, in turn, bought her truck – no going to the car dealer, craigslist, etc. It was so easy it was almost absurd.

JoAnn SkyWatcher (EFT practitioner, prodigious photographer) turned me on to the print-on-demand art site,

I’ve been uploading all my 2-D work there. Check it out: here (this is one of the private sites you get as a freebie when you sign up for the print-on-demand function). This opens up a whole new world for me because previously I’d have had to print out and mail the prints of the images to the buyers.

Instead, now,  FAA takes the order, makes beautiful prints on canvas or paper, frames it (or not), ships it out and sends me the check. Awesome. Saves me a ton of time and energy, and produces better quality prints than I can do myself.

There were a couple of other things that came through easy as pie that I really hadn’t thought would happen, and for the other people in the group, as well. Mon.ey came through to people out of the blue, opportunities opened up that had seemed closed….

Can you tell I love out of the blue?

Ask for it! Ask for stuff you want to come to you to come out of the blue, and tap on your doubts that it will. It works! You put your order in to the Universe, and just be patient, and tap on your disbelief.

wolffe-pissedDisbelieving is like going to a hamburger stand, ordering your burger, and then not believing the cook will come through. Even getting angry and yelling at him and crumpling in fear at the counter! Silly. Have faith. Let each little thing that come to you – a check in the mail, an old favor repaid, an old debt repaid, a nice word from someone you never expected to say it…it works!

We resumed our tapping group again this last week and are now calling it the Prosperity Group, because we all are intending greater prosperity for ourselves and the people around us. (Local to Oahu? I invite you to join us! Go here to register:

It’s happening, too, for the people in the Round Table Group (Register here for our Sunday 4pm NY time meetings:

Just in the short time we’ve been meeting (only 6 meetings so far), Mimi, who had worried about lack of time and was so afraid she wouldn’t get any new clients, is getting them, and is even excited about marketing her business. She kept thinking “who do you think you are?” Ever heard that one in your mind? Tap! Tap on it! She did – you can, too!

Shelagh completed the home page copy that she had hated doing and balked on for months (can you relate? I can!) and is creating joint ventures with people just out of the blue (check out and sign up (so inexpensive!) at – it’s a great spiritual-based business directory and community); and the others in the group are rocketing, too.

So – even though I felt

  • annoyed at old fears arising in the midst of my exciting new adventure
  • confused because there seemed like too many
  • and I didn’t know which to start clearing first (that’s called stalling!)
  • disappointed that things weren’t moving faster, and
  • terrified of the intensity of the feelings I was experiencing and that I might not be able to clear them –

You did it!But I did clear them. In a big way. There is always more to go, but the worst is over, and the road looks shiny and bright.

I’m feeling excited again and validated that I was able to create such success in such a short time.

The very old, very encrusted energy that so terrified me was actually easy to shake out and clear and give new, fun jobs to do.

I’m carving almost every day (YAY!), and rearranging the rest of my life to fit my Vision. It’s been hard, but it’s been fun and rewarding. And I’ve even dropped some of the extra poundage in this last week! Ha!

Here’s to your Dream! May you find your way easy, fun and delectable. If not, tap!

aloha –

p.s. Yes, I’ve been tapping for years, but I discovered I had deep secrets even I didn’t know were there.

Do you? Want to ferret them out and get them cleaned up and working FOR you instead of against you, so you can roll forward in creating your own Dream success?

Imagine how that one secret deep fear affects every single aspect of your life, and what it would do for you if you could release it, clean it up and give it an exciting new supportive job to do! Imagine creating your pristine vision and actually living it. You can.

For the month of April, you can bypass my usual $575 fee and get some great tapping with me for only 99 bucks. You can sign up here: – you get 45 minutes of powerful work with me. My assistant will help you schedule your appointment when your purchase goes through.

Your Success Castle is only a few taps away!You’ll be amazed at how free you feel after your session – how quickly you implement all those things you’ve been putting off or have been afraid of or doubting, or that that significant someone keeps telling you you should do but you haven’t! Now you will – easy and effortlessly.

I look forward to helping you out of where ever you’re at right now – even if it’s great! It can be greater! – and expanding your Dream, Vision and success!

The links in this note: – FREEbie intro to tapping – print-on-demand site for artists – my new website where pe ople can get prints of my paintings, pastels and drawings – interview with Money Love author Jerry Gillies – spiritual business directory – join our local Prosperity Group – join the Round Table Group for weekly teleclass tapping and business and marketing instruction

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