Are You A Health, EFT or Energy Coach? Heads Up!

I love me!I hear you!

I’ve been asking exactly what my clients want for this year in their coaching businesses.

This is the gist of what they said.

I bet you can relate if you want to…

  1. …have just the right-for-you number of high-paying clients who want your unique genius
  2. …be able to offer the exact creative tools and systems that help you help your clients resolve their challenges
  3. …meet, get to know & possibly partner with other prospering business owners and entrepreneurs who are also successful helping others thrive
  4. …have a business that is more fun, more lucrative and more simple to run than you ever knew it could be
  5. …cut your work hours down radically as you watch your income increase
  6. …increase your fees while perfect-for-you clients line up around the block to get to work with you
  7. …create multiple recurring streams of income you can depend on month after month so you can relax and feel secure at last
  8. …become a respected author, and create a product line from your book that brings in passive income.
  9. …expand into a new, higher level of prosperity in your life and business that allows you to feel free, flexible and abundant

Sound like any of your dreams for this year? (

I’ve noticed that systems work best. One or two teleclasses here, a CD, Audio or Video there, just isn’t enough if you want your clients to get a really good bite on the success they’re looking to achieve.

It’s proven that the easiest, fastest ways to bring in new clients, increase your income in less time and satisfy your desire to contribute in a big way is through mastering specific systems.

So…I have designed a whole set of systems specifically to fit you and your needs, that provide the structure, support – and even templates and scripts – that you need so you can start making more mo.ney and get top results with your clients as fast as you can.

I’m about to launch this new program – Massive Success Coaching – in February, and wanted to let you know about it so you could be among the first to get your hands on it.

If you like the idea of finally having the correct, proven training, with checklists, templates and strategies that help you meet and exceed your business and coaching dreams for this year, please go here right away and claim your place in line.

I’m only allowing a very few people in (no more than 50), so catch it while you can.

You don’t have to buy anything (in fact, you cannot, as yet!). Just plop your name and email into the boxes at the bottom of the page so I can notify you when it’s all ready to rock and roll!


I look forward to working with you!


Are You A Health, EFT or Energy Coach? Heads Up! — 2 Comments

  1. I’m especially interested in learning how to best do teleclasses. The technology is constantly changing. For instance, I just learned from the ETHOS community that they have changed their entire online venue (2which must have required massive effort!)… it seems daunting to invest time and $ into an (online?)teleclass and forum… (I’m confused, or is it phone?) only to find it too complicated, service cut backs, too expensive, or outdated, etc… I wonder if you could help me with all of this? I’m presently in Pamela Brunner’s teleclass where I’ve been inspired to rethink my practice. Teleclasses are the way I want to go. I need help.
    joyce jay

  2. The technology is the least of the problem! It’s more important to know who you serve, what their biggest complaints and aspirations are, and what you can do with your unique gifts, talents & expertise to help them get results. Check out – I’m about to start a new series on exactly how to do teleclasses and to use them to create recurring income. I think you’ll like it. More about how-to, less about tapping.