Who Went From Near Death to Creating a Fabulous Color Therapy Course?


In the five year period following her near death experience in the 80s, Tori Hartman was visited by more than 45 spirits sharing stories. In the next 20 years, Tori pieced together the clues of the strange fables she was told.

From them, she has created an amazing course that helps you finely tune your intuition and clear disempowering beliefs that may have prevented you from moving forward to this point. The secret of how to do this is contained within these fables.

Pretty cool stuff. I thought you’d like to see it (and you even get to choose how much you want to pay!).

Click on the image above, or use this shorty link: http://bit.ly/color-course (Yep, I’ve partnered up with Daily OM. I think their courses are among the very best!)

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