Afraid to Raise Your Fees?

WANT TO KNOW HOW TO RAISE YOUR FEES so you can make more money, get great clients, pay your expenses and keep doing what you love to do without having to get a job to support your passion?

Are you comfy with the fees you charge? Then just delete this – unless you know someone who might want to read it. Please feel free to pass it on to them. Thanks!

Recently I heard from people who said they felt guilty for charging for their coaching.

Others said they felt like they didn’t charge enough, but were afraid to raise their fees, in case they lost the clients they had now.

Others felt exhausted and burned out.

These are pretty classic problems for coaches just starting out or who are trapped by 1-1 sessions.

So I’ve put together a teleclass just to help you get over those problems, if that should be you. I’ve set it up at two different times so even if you live in East Farthest-Away, you ought to be able to attend live.

Here’s where to get at it:

I look forward to having you there!


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