New Book: A Willing Thread

thread-ebk-cover-4hLast year, one of my book-creating coaching clients created a fabulous book, A Willing Thread.

To me, it’s a rich chocolate crazy-quilt of a book. It’s rich, warm, loving and comforting, as well as inspiring and uplifting.

The author, Joy Dolci, is a Coach who only works with a few exclusive people, so to have her wisdom and vulnerability come out in this book is pretty special.

She had a series of life-threatening situations in her life, all of which she has come through and surmounted. The last one debilitated her to the point she practically had to start from zero. Now she’s up and running again and able to do most things we take for granted.

What was most impactful for her during these times of pain and difficulty in function was her very deep, very intense connection with Spirit.

As you access each page of her book – which is more like an open-at-random oracle than a read-through kind of book – you’ll see how she questions Spirit and gets an answer each time. You can see first-hand how she uses tapping to even out the wrinkles in her life, as well as other means to get herself up and going again. It’s a real-life exploration and actualization of the path from pain to ecstasy.

The way she formatted A Willing Thread is unique, to say the least – that’s why I call it crazy-quilt. Each page is a new set of text and images, like a daily vision board, reminder, inspirer.

If you’ve ever wondered how to connect with Spirit or to make your connection stronger, A Willing Thread will help you do it. I invite you to pick up your own copy of A Willing Thread (e-book) here:, and see for yourself. And if you are lucky enough to be accepted as one of her coaching clients, you can do a big happy dance.

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