A Baudy New Year to You!

happy-dance-1colorI want to wish you one of the most awesome, fun, heart-saturated and outrageously profitable year possible!

Can you feel how the energy has shifted?

Only three days ago it was like slogging through cold wet dirty snow about to freeze around all my cells. Today and yesterday I’ve been so energized I can hardly sit still.

If you want that and don’t have it yet, imagine my hand reaching to yours and giving you a whole big bunch of it! Take it and breathe it in – my love to you!

It’s not just a full moon right now, but a full BLUE moon (the name given to the second full moon appearing in a single month), and someone told me there will be an eclipse on top of it! No wonder the increase in energy!

I’m making a wild left turn this next year. It was such a profound experience to almost leave the planet last March, and to take all the rest of the year to recuperate and get my strength back fully, that I am radically changing directions come 2010. I haven’t quite got all the details lined up yet, but will let you know next week – I want you to come along with me!

So – see you next year! Have a delightful turn of the year – please stay safe and sound but do have a baudy time celebrating….

aloha –

President Obama visits my favorite beach! Watch the video HERE. Wonder if I’ll see him thee – or in a cortege as he traipses through Kailua!

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