Do You Know How to Be A Great Detective?

Yesterday I hit ‘publish’ on this book written by EFTer Extraordinaire, Jondi Whitis. I designed the covers and innards, and illustrated and published it for her.

What’s it about, and why would you want it?

Have you ever been working on yourself or with a client and suddenly gotten stuck, wondering where to go next? Searching for just the right question to find breakthrough information?

It can be so frustrating, knowing the answers and solutions are right there at the end of your fingertips (and tongue!) as you tap, but not being able to get to them.

This is what I call the blind spot – you don’t know what you don’t know, so you can’t ask specific questions to elicit answers.

This is where Jondi’s book – How to Be A Great Detective: The Handy-Dandy Guide to Using Kindness, Compassion and Curiosity to Resolve Emotional, Mental & Physical Upsets: For Tappers, Practitioners and Caregivers – comes in.

It’s chock full of purposeful, quality questions. When you ask these questions, you can easily get right to the core issues and causes that need resolving, bringing you both to new levels of progress and relief. And they work beautifully for self-care, too.

If you are a practitioner, this is a no-brainer book to get. If you are a tapper, same-same!

I invite you to check it out (and get it, of course!) HERE –

Why do I share this book with you? Well, I like to share cool stuff with you, and it’s a great little book that can serve you really well.

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