Say Goodbye to the Chaos & Craziness of 2012, Bring in the New Rich, Fun, Happy 2013!

How about we start this next year with a FREEbie teleclass:

Clear Out the Old, Make Room for the New!

How about if you could say bye-bye to all your chaotic, crazy 2012 energy!?! You know, the energy that makes you feel crazy, scattered, worried, frustrated, anxious or unhappy?

You can! We’re doing it today, and you’re invited. We’re not only going tot ap on all the upsetting stuff, but we’re going to tap to continue the good stuff, so you can make more money and have more impact as you make more of a difference in your world.

I’m also going to introduce to you a way you can start to create multiple streams of passive income that you can build up over the next year so you never have to worry about money again.

Join me! WEDNESDAY, from 7 to 8pm NY time (EDT).

We’ll tap on, relieve, and make new choices for:

….. •  what bugs you
….. •  what you wish would end
….. •  what you hate about your life
….. •  what you feel is impossible
….. •  what you hate doing in your biz
….. •  what you don’t have and wish you had

…and more! All the NOTS in your life – we’ll untangle them as much as we can!

And we will also tap on the YESes in your life, so you can get a start on creating a new vision for your future – in your life, business, relationships, time & money.

Why is having a clear vision important? To be simple, without at least knowing where you want to end up, you’ll find yourself in East Otherwhere.


So if you want to feel great about yourself and what you’re going to do during the 12 months of 2013, let’s get a good head start right now!

I invite you to join me in my upcoming FREEbie teleclass:
Clear Out the Old, Make Room for the New!
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 7 to 8 pm NY time.

EFT for Pain



TELECLASS with Audio Included:


All participants get a FREE copy of my ebook, “Using EFT for Pain“!


Everyone who gets the teleclass and the audio also get my complete course: How to Do Teleclasses! Read more about it HERE – specializes in how to do all the back-end systems set ups, planning, scheduling, etc. Value $179


I’m also going to show you how to create multiple channels of month-after-month income that you can set and forget, and watch the money come rolling in all by itself.

Don’t get me wrong – it’ll involve work! But it will be easy, fast and fun work you’ll love to do.

Make sure you register today!


Beverly Beach says:

Would like to talk to you about all your methods.
Beverly Beach