Dream Dissection

Thank you for your letters about the dream I recounted to you last weekend. I appreciate your feedback tremendously. You might be interested in some of the comments….

•   “So Angela, why did you send out that newsletter with your dream? Seems odd. What does your dream have to do with EFT-tapping?”

I sent it out because someone I respect had read it and said they thought it would be a good note for my readers. So I did. And it felt Right.

Tapping comes in when you feel scared or upset by a dream. You can either train yourself to tap inside a dream, or you can tap after you wake up.

•   “Did you make that up?”

No, very definitely not! It would be silly to try to make up a dream – our conscious minds just don’t work the way our dream minds do. I don’t think I’d ever be able to write a script as crazy as some of the dreams I’ve had.

•   “Why didn’t you give us forewarning of the possibility that the ‘bad guy’ could be melted? Having the Divine come in at the end seems like a corny device.”

That’s because you’re looking at it from a literary context. Dreams are not literary, by any stretch. I wasn’t going for any intended result other than wanting you to read the dream and get your own perspective.

 •  “What use is a dream like this? I was surprised at the violent nature of it.”

frustratedwithhim-siteYes, I can understand that. But remember, the nature of dreams is mysterious, and much of the time, far beyond our comprehension.

I studied for years with a Druid Dream Master in the 80s. She said that often we will work out unpleasant karma in our dreams so we don’t need to get bloody in real life. I can attest to that one! One day I’ll write out one of those dreams –

And many times, a dream’s purpose is to clue you onto something you need to pay attention to in your waking life.

If your dream messengers can’t get you to ‘get’ something with a feather, they will use a 2×4. If that won’t work, they’ll use a Mack truck. In this case, it was a Mack truck.


One of the precepts I was taught was that every aspect of your dream IS you. If you dream of a house, the house is you. If you dream of a mouse, the mouse is you. If you dream of a cake, it’s you. And so on.

This is useful if you can meditate on your dream and ask yourself,
•  What does that house-me represent?
•  How does it feel?
•  What parts of it was I paying attention to?
•  Does it have a specific message for me?
•  What does it remind me of?
There are plenty more questions you can ask of your dream in order to make sense of your waking life.

The dream I shared with you pointed out to me that I was done with the abusive men in my life. In the dream, I didn’t try to fight him; beyond asking question arising from my initial confusion, I didn’t try to argue with him; and I didn’t give in – all three of which I would have done in the past.

The little boy up in the loft was my little inner boy, who had been too scared up until then to make a peep, even after losing his toy out on the street. He only looked at me in the dream, wondering if he could trust me.

That meant to me that it’s now time to cultivate my inner little boy and help him grow up and have more fun, without fear.

There are a lot of other aspects I could go into, but the part I was mostly interested in was how I finally allowed myself to >not< be my own hero.

In the past, I wouldn’t have asked for help. From anyone. In my 20s, I had decided that if I was going to get something done, it was me who was going to do it. I perceived that no one wanted to help me. (I was wrong, but that’s a whole other story….)

So at the end of the dream when I tossed the whole thing to the Divine, that meant to me that I could trust that there was some one or some thing that was much bigger than me that would come to my aid if I asked.

(Which is kind of funny, seeing as I have been doing that for years – remember I told you about asking the Divine to send pink love when people tailgate you? It works. By the time I look again in the rear-view mirror, they have already backed off, and don’t repeat the tailgating. How could I forget that?)

I had been playing god by trying to do it all myself, and it was time to stop that and let miracles in.


I’m not saying, by any means, that we ought to just throw our hands up in the air and say, “god, YOU do it!” at the first sign of trouble! Ever hear of the saying, ‘god helps those who help themselves’?

To me, that means that I do my utmost best, and if even that doesn’t work, ask in the Big Help.


The message of the dream was that I needed to regain a sense of authority and sovereignty of my mind/body complex. It had been threatened by an Other-then-me Being, and I had to rise out of helplessness and succeed by using the power of Love. I also needed to honor the fun part of me more often!

The best thing about this dream was the feeling I awoke with – I felt great! I had gone through what was a serious breach of my privacy and my personal sovereignty, and come out feeling fantastic. That was worth gold to me.

I’ve learned a lot by studying dreams. I’ve been wiring them down since I was nineteen – that’s 50+ years. You know you have to learn something from studying something that long!


I was thinking this morning that I’d be happy to do some dream readings for you – would you be interested in that? Or….


If you are interested in deepening your ability to read your own dreams, I can also show you:
•  how to see if there is a message in your dream
•  what the message is
•  how to dissect your dream
a shorty quick way for fast answers
a longer, in-full way to get the most out of it
•  how to go back in and change your dream if it feels heavy, scary or incomplete
•  how to use tapping to de-escalate highly charged emotions – both right in your dreams, and afterwards
•  how to use your dream messages to impact and improve your life

Are you interested in either a reading or a series of teleclasses?

Yes? Then please contact me at Lyon at AngelaTreatLyon dot com.

Put any of these in the subject line, depending on what you’d like to get:

Melt the Bad Man! A Dream

I’m upstairs in my bedroom about to go to bed, and hear a strange noise outside. I look out my window.

outthedoor-siteDown in the alley I see a motorbike stop just barely out of sight. A teen boy gets off and runs around the corner.

I dash downstairs and outside, and see the boy climbing into my kitchen window.

I grab a handful of his disappearing pant leg and hold tight.

I call Help! Help! to the man I know is upstairs, expecting him to come help me catch this kid who is intent on stealing from me.

The man comes downstairs, reaches outside the window and disengages my hand from the boy’s pants. He helps the boy off the sill, and sends him out the front door.

I’m livid.

I go back inside and scream at him, What the hell did you do?
I pull out my phone and start to call the cops.
He strikes the phone out of my hand, and says, You’ll do nothing of the kind, I’m in control now.

I say, This is MY house, and simultaneously realize it’s in his name.
He laughs, and says, Oh really?!? You’re broke and have no right to this house, it’s mine.

frustratedwithhim-siteI start to feel deflated, but still enraged.

I say, Then I’ll buy it out from under you.

He laughs and says, You can’t. You’re overdrawn. You have nothing.

I feel as if I’m about to burst with fury and helplessness.

I have no one to turn to. I want to run away screeching my pain.

I run to the front door and step halfway out, onto the steps in the dark.

I see a toy the young boy from the loft has dropped.
I pick it up and step back in to hand it to him.
He takes it from my hand. He is silent.

I start to go back out the door, but realize that if I leave this house – MY house – the man will take it and I will have nothing, and nowhere to go.

Frustrated beyond imagination, I feel my body start to blow up into a huge scream.

Suddenly, I know that’s the secret – sound! I can just scream the right frequency, and I can propel the man out of my house faster than light can travel.

But what I really want to do is kill him, so he can never perpetrate the same kind of abuse on me or anyone else ever again.

I imagine kung fu-ing him; beating him to a pulp; seeing a red dot on his forehead and a consequent laser beam melting his brain….

Then I realized that if I kill him, I lower myself vibrationally to his level, and I will have to repeat this energetic scenario over and over until I create a high frequency solution.

I knew that sending clouds of pink love would stop him, but I was so mad that I couldn’t do it.

So I decided that I wanted to melt him.
So I asked the Divine to do it for me.

Melt him with such an enormous amount of love that he can no longer function as a ‘bad person’ ever again.

After all, this is what ‘bad people’ want – to fill their empty hearts and missing souls with love. They try to force us to give it to them – squeeze it out of us – which of course never works, because we reflect their own anger and fear back to them magnified.

thkyouspirit-siteI can’t do the love thing, because I’m still so enraged, but I say, Divine Whatever You Are, please melt him with your love and mercy.’

And it does.

And he is gone.

And I feel awesome.


© Angela Treat Lyon 2016 All rights reserved

Should I Do the Age Regression? A Dream

Pondering....I’m in an apartment 42 floors up with a man and a woman.

We are about to be age regressed 30 years.

I think to myself that if we are regressed here, we may end up in mid air and come crashing down, so I suggest that we leave immediately. We rush into the elevator and slide down to the ground floor.

The woman wants to go to her apt to get some stuff she wants. As we start to go into the foyer of her place, we see some construction guys come in with their tools and equipment.

We hide behind a big brick column, and decide to do our regress thing in an outside field instead.

As we leave, I see my own apt building start to unbuild –
*whoosh* the windows were all gone…
*whoosh* the ceilings disappeared…
…and so on; and I could plainly hear a crackling sound as a fire blasted high into the disappearing structure.

We go to a secret meadow nearby.
We lie down in the soft grass.

I have all these memories – hundreds and hundreds of them – of my life, all scattered little tiny scenarios. I try to figure out what age I want to regress to.

sm-playBut I see that if I do, I’d not-meet some of my favorite people, and not-do some of the things I loved or was proud of, or that were huge lessons for me during the last 30 years.

I decide that there are only 2 options: erase all of it, and start over; or stop the process and cherish every memory and every person and circumstance.

I chose the latter.

It was clearly obvious that sending love to every part of my life, my body, my self, my friends and people I’d met, and every last thing I’d done, was the only way. It felt Right.

I woke up.

© Angela Treat Lyon 2016 All rights reserved

It’s Holiday Giftie Time!


holiday-tree-bag-igSometimes I forget to tell people about the wonderful gifts and goodies you can get at my print sites!

You can get everything from pillows (long and square) to mugs, to tights to tote and clutch bags – and more – it’s amazing how much cool stuff there is.

So if you want gifts this year that are bright, colorful and totally unique, here’s where to go!

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Happy 2017!!!

love2How many years have you set great goals for the new year…and ended up not doing them – and then feeling bad about it?

Ugh! Me too. And not only that, but on top of not doing what I said I’d do, I felt bad about it, and then felt bad about feeling bad!

How silly is that?

So I decided to come up with something that would make me feel good. Here’s what I did.


Last January, I set feel-good goals. It worked.

I asked myself two questions:
1. “How do I want to feel about myself, my life and my biz at the end of this year?”

2. “What three things will really make me feel fantastic if I do them by year’s end?”

My answers were:

1. feel light, happy and proud.
2. a. create/publish 5 excellent books that I love and feel happy about
b. do something I’ve never done before & learn a lot
c. feel really healthy by the end of the year

And I did it all!

1. I feel light, happy and proud of myself, my life and my work.
2. And I did not 3, but 4 big things that I feel really awesome about:
a. I wrote, illustrated and published a fantastic course (with video!) on how to get on the radio so you can get the word out about your work
b. I did over scads of new paintings
c. I found and got on a really strong road to health
d. I learned how to use Instagram!

What will YOU feel really great about at the end of this year?


I wish you the very best, happiest, most fun, successful and outrageously creative and unique year ever in 2016.

Change Your Mind! with EFT: the Basics – Revised!

112815-CYM-BAS-COVER-3D-5hI’ve gone over and revised  my Signature EFT book, Change Your Mind with EFT, the Basics.

When I revised it, I was frankly amazed at how good it is!

I expected to have to change and update a whole lot of stuff in it, but all I did was rewrite a few sentences and reformat it. It’s as dynamite as it was when it first came though me in 2002.

In case you have never read it, it’s a simple, clear manual on how to use EFT: what it is, how it came to be, and how to use it easily, rapidly and effectively for what ails ya and for creating new options and possibilities.

If you’ve been struggling with fear, anger, irritability, pain, illness or food cravings; if you have trouble staying on track or can’t quite stay focused on your action plans, you’ll want to get it for yourself. Or even as a gift for someone else.

I have it in ebook and on the Kindle for all you ipad and e-device users, and in print format for you if you love marking and underlining books, and holding them cozily on your lap.

If anything is bringing you down off what could be a wonderfully enjoyable life experience and you don’t have this book, I invite you get it now and use it! CLICK HERE to get it!

Remember I love you!
aloha –

“She Betrayed Me!”

My friend “Benji,” a coloring book artist, told me that, after discussing with her friend an idea that she was working on, that same friend went off and created and published the very same kind of work.

crying-500w“What really bugged me was not just that she stole my idea, but that she posted it as her own idea, without giving any mention or credit to me!”

Benji said that she felt “like someone gut-kicked” her. Totally betrayed. “Now I’m thinking, how can I ever trust her again?”


After we took a bit to process and defuse her feelings about this incident, Benji’s next question was: should you share your ideas with people when you get the idea, or while you’re in process? Or do you keep your ideas to yourself until they’re signed and sealed?

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COLOR: Special Collector’s Edition


LYON-color-3d-5h-coverMy first hard-cover collector’s edition of my abstract paintings is finally out!

This is huge for me! Huge! I’m so very excited about it!

I’m adding pix of a whole bunch of pages below to let you see how I’ve taken the alcohol inks, which are featured in this book, in many directions.

I hope it inspires you to do something huge in your own life.

The book:

COLOR: Special Collector’s Edition
A Feast of Color-Rich Abstract paintings by Angela Treat Lyon
• 132 pages
• the book measures 12” x 12” and is about .75” thick
• has very thick, rich quality lustre paper
• hard-bound with black end sheets front and back
• 60 full color abstract painting images
Limited Collector’s Edition
Signed & Dedicated Limited Collector’s Edition
Contact me if you want to order one. I’m limiting the edition, so act now.

(See the inside pix by clicking on ‘continue reading’ – and you can click on each image to see a bigger view)

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Do You Allow Your Inner Guidance?

LYON-BEAMING-LOVE-TO-YOUHave you ever wanted to keep doing something you love, but it just seemed like something was in the way?

I’ve felt like that. I couldn’t figure out what what to do. Finally, I made a very simple, very powerful decision: that I’d let my intuition and connection to Spirit guide me more than ever.

And what did my inner guidance say when I bitched and moaned when I started missing what I had been used to doing?

It said, “patience.” And I said, “Hm. OK – well, that’s easy for you to say, but I miss my peeps and I need something to DO!”

It said, “paint, draw, books.” That was it – simple, nothing fancy.

So, since I had just found a new kind of ink that was absolutely amazing and awesome fun to use, I started there. I did over 100 (small) paintings in about a 2-month period. Some were horrible, a lot were fantastic. And then, zap! The energy for that disappeared.

So instead of whining about why I wasn’t getting inspired anymore for these paintings, I asked, “OK, what’s next?”

And Spirit replied….

I was moved to take a class on how to use photoshop in a new way to illustrate books. The idea to write and illustrate a fairy tale book came right out of the blue. I said, OK, I will. And I did, and it was way fun, so I did another, using this new method to tweak my illustrations. I published them using print-on-demand publishing. They were beautiful, and it was such great fun.

People like them and they continue to sell – and – I have moved on. That’s the cool thing about books – you write and publish them, and the books stay ready and able to help or entertain people in the background. Passive income can’t be argued with, either.

Again, I asked, “What’s next?” And Spirit replied….

“Take this class on creating coloring books.”

3D-LOVEColoring books? Are you nuts? Well, OK. I did. And – oh my. Fun isn’t the word – try mega-master-monster-huge-incredible fun! A whole new world opened for me!

So I did one, then another, and a third…and a fourth…. I’ve created over 1000 drawings and published 7 coloring books (two of them hot steamy erotic ones! hah!). That’s amazing for me – I usually paint or carve, but hardly ever draw.

Then, I saw how I could use the same drawings for other stuff – like pillows, totes, leggings, duvets, even fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper – you name it. Oh boy – more fun!

Listen to your inner guidance!

Can you see how listening to spirit got me into something I adore and have tons of fun at – and can actually make some dough at it, too – and never let me down?

Instead of whining about why you’re not getting inspired anymore for something, ask, “What’s next?” And Spirit will whisper something to you, the way it does with me.

Listen more deeply

Something else – when I first decided to expand my connection with Spirit, I also committed to listening more deeply, and >taking action immediately< on what I heard – not putting it off or ignoring it. That made a huge difference.

So if you’re at a standstill, or about to go on a new adventure, or wanting to boost your adventure to a higher level, maybe your deep inner guidance knows something you don’t.

Trust it. Ask it what it wants for you.

Because it’s doing its best to aim you towards the fulfillment of your heart’s deepest desire.

Allow it, and watch and appreciate as the magic unfolds right before you in your own life.

When asking for guidance, what do you hear?

The answer should be short and fun and easy – no fancy or huge earth-shaking or people saving goals. Just small things, each of which stack up with the others you’ve done to suddenly be a Big Thing you’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.

Down the road, after you have asked and done as your inner guidance has said, I’d love to hear what you’re doing that hits the Deep Spot of fulfillment for you.

You know I love you!

Aloha –

p.s. I decided to make a list of all the things I’ve done this year (below). I’m blown away – I never thought I’d ever do as much stuff in ten years, much less one!

I’m also giving you the link to the class I took on coloring books – it’s the best class I’ve ever taken from anyone. He’s a no-fluff, amazingly smart and  knowledgeable teacher, and we have an incredible FB page where we participate every day. (Yes, it’s an aff link. I’m proud to share it.)

If you’re an artist, I suggest you check it out – you might just find yourself a new stream of income you never thought possible. I love my monthly amazon payments!

If you’re not an artist, check it out anyway – he tells you how to make books even if you’re not arty at all. Just in the intro video alone he shows you some awesome info.

What I’ve done this year:

(Sounds like my English teacher’s request for stories about “What I did this summer”! Can you hear me laughing?)
•  Created 100+ alcohol ink paintings
•  Created and published COLOR, the Collector’s Edition, a huge (12” x 12” x .75”) high-quality book with 60 pages showing my alcohol ink paintings that sells for $224.99 (think of it like this – if you bought all 60 images as prints, it would be $2300 plus!)

•  Wrote and illustrated 2 fairy tale books
Harlan and Griffyn Get Lost
The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic

•  Created over 1000 drawings for coloring books
•  Created and published 7 coloring books (so far)
Delight (50 images)
Horses (15 images)
I Love You (50 images)
Simplicity (50 images)
Wild Things (50 images)
Lovers (30 images)
Play with Me (30 images)

What about YOU?

So. Do you see how allowing my inner guidance has enabled me to do more stuff in one year than I’d have ever dreamed, myself? And there’s still a month and a half of the year left!

What would it be like if you allowed your Inner Guidance to speak up and guide you even more than it does now?

Did You Get Your FREE Book yet?

TRMS-COVER-3D-0815-5hThe Real Money Secrets is a book I created several years ago as a spoof on all the weird, funny and wacky ways people strive to get more money.

I decided to update and republish it because, at the very least, it was make you laugh, helping you make your day a little lighter.

And maybe one or more of the real ways I included to change your mind, your thinking, your atitude and go about really making money will work for you!

CLICK HERE or on the book cover image to download your copy for free – and enjoy it – my gift to you!

HINT: Do NOT open and read it in your browser, because when you close the window, it will be gone – poof! Download it to your device or computer first!

I’d love to hear from you how you liked my little book – was it fun? Did it lighten your day? Did it give you new ideas?

Twisted Tales Book #2 is out!

The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic

BBW-3d-5.5h-72I’m so excited to announce that book #2 in the Twisted Tales series, The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic, is now ready in print on Amazon.com and also on the Kindle!

I just got my copies in the mail today, and they look gorgeous – nice white paper and crispy clear brilliant colors. Woohoo!

What’s it about?

One Day in the Great Deep Dark Black Forest… The Big Bad Wolf sneaks up behind Little Red Riding Hood and, covering her mouth so she can’t cry out, slings her over his sharp pointy shoulder and quickly disappears onto one of his secret paths that leads far back into the Great Deep Dark Black Forest.

What shock and surprise awaits her there? What does the Big Bad Wolf want with the Violet Velvet Bag he steals from Little Red Riding Hood’s Grammy? Who is the dreaded Dark One, and why will the entire Forest and everyone in it perish if he escapes his centuries’ old prison?

The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic is scary-fun and keeps you on your seat’s edge from start to finish. Richly delicious color-saturated countrysides, odd cloaked people and bite-your-tongue suspense! What are you waiting for?


My New Book Is Out!

Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost

Harlyn and Griffyn Get LostI’m so excited to announce that my new book is now ready in print on Amazon.com and also on the Kindle!

I just got my copies today, and they look gorgeous – nice white paper and crispy clear brilliant colors. Woohoo!

What’s it about?

Harlyn and Griffyn, twin brother and sister, go out to play one afternoon, and get terribly lost in the Great Deep Dark Black Forest.

Little do they know they will soon find and vanquish a sly enemy and meet a new friend who is over 400 years old!

Get your copies now – and stay tuned for book #2 in the Twisted Old Tales Series! Read more about it at TwistedOldTales.com.

Do You Speak UP?

“How Do You Speak Up Fearlessly?”

speakingI’ve been speaking up a lot on Facebook about the recent situation in Indiana where war has pretty much been declared on gay people.

They are trying to instigate a new law there saying that it’s OK for businesses to discriminate against and not serve gay people.

I received two interesting notes: one from someone saying “you must be gay since you are standing up for gay people, and why don’t you shut up!”

The other note was from someone admiring me for speaking up, and how ever did I have the nerve to do it!

The first person had it all wrong. No, I’m not gay (even if I was – so what?). Whether or not I am is not even the issue. No I won’t shut up (!). And no, I don’t put up with bigots, so I un-friended him.


It’s very clear that if businesses are allowed to discriminate against one section of the populace willy-nilly, it won’t be long before it’s OK for them to exclude blacks, latinos, breast-feeding mothers, single women, left-handed cowboys and sandy beach bums. In other words, anyone.

I Remember

Because I remember very clearly what it was like in the 50s and 60s before we fought for black freedom. I was there in that fight, and the fight for abortion, and the fight for women to have bank accounts and to be able to buy a house or just sign a contract without having a husband, as well as the many other fights we have won over the years.

We fought hard to legalize those rights, and to see them erode before my eyes makes me furious and sick to my stomach.

This is wrong, and I won’t stand for it and I won’t shut up. I “have the nerve” to speak up because my passion drives me. I know what we, as a people, will lose if I and others don’t speak up.


Courage, Clarity & Confidence

What happens when you lack courage?

sm-shy-3hYou think about what you’d like to do…but then you just cave in and don’t do it, right?


And then you wonder why you aren’t where you want to be in your life or business.

Opportunities that would allow you more freedom and prosperity flow by you every day, but you either don’t even see them through your veil of fears, or you don’t have the energy, strength or courage to reach out and grab them.

You then kick yourself left-wise from Sunday, and spend precious time wondering why things are going so badly, or why you can’t take your success to the next level.

You might even blame someone or something, thinking or saying it’s their fault.

You end up saying, “next time!” Well … what if there IS no next time?


So the loop goes like this: opportunity > no thanks > self-blame or other-person-blame > next time! > opportunity > no thanks > self-blame or other-person-blame > next time….

Aren’t you tired of that? Wouldn’t you like to end that loop of internal destruction?

It’s pretty simple, really, and I’d like to show you how I do it.


See, you may not know this, but many years ago I was so shy I could barely look people in the eye, much less think clearly enough to form coherent sentences or even speak them loud enough to hear.

If I had an appointment with someone, every moment of my day right up to the meeting was filled with anxiety, fretting and worry – I couldn’t even think about doing anything else.

But I found a way to reverse that 180 degrees, and now people are more likely to tell me I’m full of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration.

I talk to everyone. I even have a radio show! If you’d told me even 10 years ago that I’d be a radio show host, I’d have laughed and declared that that would be impossible, who did you think you were trying to kid?


heart-loveSo tell me: which version of yourself would you prefer – the fearful one or the courageous, confident one?

Did you know? The root word for Courage is Couer – which means Heart! Your courage comes from your lion-heart!

Want to know how to reverse your shyness, worry and lack of confidence?

All the way from little things like invitations to lunch, to big things that would be of great benefit to you, like being able to sell your work or pursue your passion! Here’s your chance to take this thing by the horns and turn it around.

I put together a teleseminar just for you, so you could create clarity, banish lack of courage and transform fear into confidence – forever.



I Posted, “I Need A Hug!” and Got over 100!

hugDo you ask for what you want … and get it?

Last week I had a pretty big upset about something. It ran very deep, and made me feel like I wanted to just pop out of my skin and run away and hide.

But I’m one of the lucky ones! I have a lovely following on facebook – full of supporters, friends, clients and people who have like-ideas. So, I thought, why not ask for a hug?

So I did – and was bowled over by the huge amount of immediate, overwhelmingly loving replies – including a picture of flowers, a video of a sweet manatee, and more.


Only a few years ago, I’d have thought it was better to suffer in silence. You know what I mean – the “I don’t want to burden you with my bummer” kind of thinking.

Truth is, people really DO want to support you, and even if you’re down, they’re most likely not, and are happy to send you good wishes, huggies and kissies and all kinds of uplifting thoughts.

Don’t bother with the ones who don’t really listen but want to tell you what to do, give you cheery, inappropriate bolstering or want you to brush it off. They only hurt you more.

Even if you only know one person who can listen to you and be with you without judgement when you’re in that dark place, that person is worth more than a gold mine. Call that person and say, “hey, I’m in a dark place, can you help me remember who I really am?” They will.

Try it some time when you just can’t lift one more finger to help yourself. You’ll be amazed at the response you get.


I was sooooo very grateful – those posts on facebook really helped me turn my downward spiral into a newer, greater sense of self-respect, self-acceptance, love and peace.

As a coach, it’s what I do all day every day – helping people find the ways that are unique to them that they can use to make their lives better. So it was such a gift to receive all that love.

If you were one of the people who shared your love with me that day,  bless you and thank you!

Remember, I love you!

Aloha –

p.s. If you have ever wished you had someone who would listen to you like that … Click HERE