Hunting Your Power Through Dreams

Did you know there are many types of dreams?
Do you remember your dreams, or know what they mean?
Did you know you can re-do dreams?
Do you ever have chase dreams or nightmares?
Do you have a personal, in-house Dream Guide?


What’s the big deal? Why are dreams so important? Rather than tell you, I’ll show you something that completely altered my whole life, because it changed how I felt about myself.

As a kid, I felt like a cringing wimp – both in and out of my dreams. If anyone even looked at me askance or said a critical word, I’d put on a brave front, but in reality, I felt like I was dying a thousand painful deaths inside. You’ll see how that changes….


thebigbear5hMy family lived on a hill, at the foot of which was a narrow stretch of beach. It was a huge long climb back up, but I went down there often to swim and play in the sand.

I was about 9 when a repetitive dream started: a huge black bear would burst out of the bushes as I climbed up the hill. It chased me – screaming my head off – all the way up the hill, only stopping when it reached the edge of our lawn.

I had that dream over and over until I was 14 years old. Sometimes the bear would just chase me up the hill; others we dashed through a long narrow rose trellis shaped like an arched tunnel. A thick growth of bright red roses with long thorns hung down and seemed to reach out to scratch me as I sprinted through.

I don’t know how I was fast enough to beat that bear every time, but I did, even when I had one of those running-but-going-nowhere versions.



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