Have You Expanded Your Branding by Using Unique-to-You Music on Your Interviews, Audios and Youtube Videos?

Did you know that you can get royalty-free music as background music for your videos? Then you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement.

Here are a couple of good music sources: http://MusicBakery.com or  http://Pond5.com

Or, you can get one of the many talented people on http://fiverr.com to help create your music for you for 5 bucks! They will play, sing or write a new tune for you – they’re an awesome resource. I use them a lot.

TIP: For your audios, I suggest you get a 30-second intro/outro tune you use as your signature music, and have that in every one of your recordings – play the first 5 seconds loud, then taper off to zero sound at its end as you get into the speaking content. It will help your branding to have your own distinctive sound.