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This Kindle Books Course is so inspiring and bringing a new perspective.... You do so much more than just help with book writing - you bring in so many other things that are helpful, like how to make promoting as much fun as writing. These things are so important to other areas of our business life and bring a breath of, well, fun to it! I totally appreciate what you are doing for us, as in doing them for us, you do them for you. And the FB circle of community - gotta love it!

~ Theresa Garces Johnson


I felt a difference when I woke up on the day after the Kindle Books tele-class. My feelings of overwhelm had disappeared, and I can only attribute this to borrowing benefits, even though I was not physically part of the class when you did the tapping! Thanks so much, this course has changed so much for me!

~ Coral Bell


All I can say is "Wow, your coaching has been great. You cover so many tidbits that are worth their weight in gold, not to mention all the meat and potatoes info you've compiled, thanks."

Lena Think-Tank Banks


I love your art and your cards! They fill me with joy and I can't wait to send them out. I get 3 prints and am getting them framed right now! Thanks so much again.

~ Mary Rushfield


Angela Treat Lyon is a gifted coach and visionary. Her keen sense and business experience makes her a brilliant and strategic partner for success. Angela gave me very insightful feedback on how to improve the copywriting for a sales page. The suggestions she offered were spot on and I immediately knew that I needed to take her feedback to heart. I highly recommend her if your business is in need of practical internet marketing guidance.

Cheryl Heppard,


I always read your e-mail; never missed.



What a great newsletter all the way around. Wow.

Love, Linda


I love getting your newsletters. There is a warm bright clarity that is flowing from them. Your presence feels good. You are daring good work in the world!

Love to you - Rue Hass


I've listened to so many of your interviews and have benefitted from them. I put them on my mp3 and listen to them at every opportunity, including my vehicle when I travel. Thank you for what you do....

Michele Rogers


I want to let you know that I appreciate everything that you do and what I have purchased from you before.

I remember I had a problem when you were running that Grab Bag Special - one of the products didn't download for me for some reason - I sent you an email and you were great about getting back to me right away with the fix.

Anyway, just thought I would let you know how much you are appreciated and trusted by people on your list!

Best regards, Laura Whitelaw


I listened in to you tonight instead of Debbie Ford, tonight's (Shared Vision) opening act...I really appreciated your talk.

The tapping exercise was excellent. And I loved the points you used.... Your method really hit home.

Yes, I like being on all these calls and hearing the great ideas and shifts that people are experiencing. I also like hearing others I know from the calls check in ... oh, somebody I know....!

Peace, Jay Dorman


Please continue to be an example. It's a good one.



I always love your honesty, your courage, and your insights.

Hugs, Marianna Michels Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT Specialist


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PostHeaderIcon Facebook ‘Likes’ – Good or Bad for Bringing You More Traffic?

Do you have a ‘Like’ button function enabled in your blog or website?

This is an excerpt of an article by Cris Crum at I enjoyed today I thought you might want to read – read the rest of it here.

“…Like buttons get 3 – 5 times more clicks if 1. versions that show thumbnails of friends are used, 2. they allow people to add comments, 3. they appear at both the top and the bottom of content, and 4. they appear near visual content like videos or graphics. He looks at a specific example with Metacafe, which originally had a Like button at the bottom of its videos, but after adding one to the top in addition to it, tripled its number of daily likes and doubled its amount of referral traffic from Facebook.”

One like button added to the top as well as the bottom tripled the likes and doubled the traffic. Pretty powerful.

PostHeaderIcon I’ve Been Tapping – Why Do I Feel Crummy Again? I Thought I’d Gotten All Clear!

How many times have I heard the following? Hundreds of times – maybe even a thousand or more.

Let’s get this straightened out right now, since I get notes about this from newbies to EFT all the time, and it would make it easier on everyone if they understood the dynamics of energy tapping.

“When I first found you/your site and the book on tapping, I read it and started tapping. Intuitively I knew EFT was the right thing. Then I went into a hole.

“I am a pretty smart, positive person… but I could not get up in the morning, felt down – I had no idea what was going on.”

Somehow we have this idea that once we start to tap, everything will get all Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Thank You, Tony Robbins!

Tony Robbins“You are now at a crossroads.

“This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make.

“Forget your past. Who are you now?

“Who have you decided you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been.

“Who are you now? Who have you decided to become?

Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully; make it powerfully.”

~ Anthony Robbins

PostHeaderIcon SU-Per Horse is Finished!

SU-Per Horse has landed and is ready for The Rescue!

SU-Per Horse is 12″ tall, 6″ wide and 6″ deep. Black Virginia Soapstone.





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I Dare You Radio…

Layne and I had SO much fun with you on our call Thursday! Hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend in beautiful Kailua!

Aloha nui loa,

Paul and Layne Cutright


Thank you Angela. It was my pleasure to be your radio show guest - you make it so easy.

I was very comfortable and it was just like we were having a nice casual conversation. Thank you for what you do.

Dr. Tom Ventullo


More People Say….

Your session about Fear of Public Speaking at is awesome.



Wow, Angela...I am so grateful that I decided to buy this Wealth Maverick Audios Special offer at!

I would have to make up some sort of superlative adjective to describe the incredibleness (is that even a word?) of these 2 audios (how's fantabulistic for starters?)....

...and moreover of this simply ingenious process of name-ing..rename-ing...and retrieving this precious energy potential instead of just dissolving it and being glad that it has been released (to God only knows where!)...

...this is the ultimate process of recycling Energy and welcoming it back with open arms...a POWER-FULL process indeed.

Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!! Blessings... Sallie


By the way, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your latest ezine - the units of appreciation is such a fabulous way of thinking/feeling about the payment. Thank you for sharing and illuminating that for me. I could totally related to what you are talking about. You are so right on.

Blessings, Tami


Hi Angela,

I just listened to the interview you did with me, and it sounds AWESOME! You did a FABULOUS job! I really appreciate your help and encouragement, and for asking me to do the interview.

Thanks again for the interview. It's great!!!

Sincerely, Elaine Nitz
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