Happy 2017!!!

How many years have you set great goals for the new year…and ended up not doing them – and then feeling bad about it? Ugh! Me too. And not only that, but on top of not doing what I said … Continue reading

Do You Allow Your Inner Guidance?

Have you ever wanted to keep doing something you love, but it just seemed like something was in the way? I’ve felt like that. I couldn’t figure out what what to do. Finally, I made a very simple, very powerful … Continue reading

No More Living Life Like a Zombie!

How do you go about announcing that you feel like you’re coming back from the land of the almost-dead? Well. Maybe that says it! See, five years ago, I had two near-fatal internal organ failures. I got into surgery by … Continue reading

5 Steps to Stop Swilling In Your Old Story and Start Living A New Satisfactory One

Recently in my coaching sessions I’ve become more and more adament about getting people to discard their old, unsupportive, destructive Stories. Yes! I have an agenda! I know, I know, coaches are supposed to walk beside you and hand-hold you … Continue reading

Why “I Can’t….” Doesn’t Get it if You Want to Live a Creative, Satisfying Life

I get really annoyed when I hear anyone say, “I can’t.” Because I know for a fact how real the immense possibilities open to us human Beings are. From what I’ve seen as a Success Coach, there is just no … Continue reading