Are You STILL Waiting to Raise Your Fees?

I spoke to someone today who said, “who am I to charge THAT kind of money?”

Well, if you’re providing a service that helps someone, it may be worth even more than you are currently charging that person.

Ever thought of that?

Who are you NOT to offer services and programs to people who need them? Remember that although all of us love freebies, the people who pay more value what they get more.

Some people figure if it’s inexpensive, it isn’t worth anything, and actually wait for you to raise your fees so they feel like they can get real value.

Isn’t the whole money thing just a trip?!?

I invite you to get the audios from both 90-minute teleclasses. $39.95 for all of it – good deal. One audio helps you through your fears and doubts and worries.

The other gives you solid, usable strategies, tips and tactics you can use right away to create, plan and charge for your new not-by-the-hour programs.

Maybe I should raise the price so those of you waiting value it more….


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